Eggy Party December 2023: List of Events, Challenges, and Rewards

NetEase Games has unveiled an exciting array of events set to captivate Eggy Party enthusiasts throughout December 2023. Brace yourselves for the advent of the Dino Egg Island Tour, a delightful seasonal escapade, alongside the Frosty Festivities-themed contest that promises a winter wonderland of challenges.

Prepare to elevate your in-game style with specially crafted outfits, navigate through fresh and enticing maps, and relish the nostalgic return of the cherished crossover with the irresistibly adorable Budding Pops. December in Eggy Party is destined to be an immersive journey filled with new adventures, festive spirit, and a sprinkle of cherished nostalgia.

Eggy Party December 2023 Events and Rewards

Dino Egg Island Tour

Eggy Party’s December 2023 seasonal event is called Dino Egg Island Tour, and it will bring all kinds of Jurassic thrills to the game. The Dino Egg Island Tour will run from December 1-January 5, and it will introduce 8 brand new stages to the game, including Just Super Splash, Hunting Practice, Lava Crisis, and More.

These events will run alongside the Dino Egg Island Tour Season Activity Tasks, where completing event tasks will reward players with new Outfits and Accessories for their Eggies, including the Dinosaur Fan , Round Stone Glasses, and more. 

Dino Egg Island Tour will also come with its own Season Mystery Box

Players will get to embark on the thrilling Dino Egg Island Tour, where a treasure trove of excitement awaits in the form of the Season Mystery Box. Unlock a realm of possibilities with new Outfits, including the charismatic Rexie, the enchanting Crystal, and the mysterious Sarre. Elevate your gaming experience with the introduction of the Season Party Pass, featuring bespoke Activity Tasks and enticing rewards.

Eggy Party December 2023
Image via NetEase

For those who seize the opportunity by acquiring the pass and conquering tasks, exclusive outfits such as Beans, Sleepy, and Egor, along with generous heaps of Shiny Coins and Egg Coins, await as a testament to your prowess. Fear not the transition, as any residual experience from the previous Sound of Spirit Season Party Pass will seamlessly transform into coveted Fashion Badges during the upcoming server maintenance.

Dino Egg Island Tour Seasonal Ranked Party will be available in December in Eggy Party

Join the thrilling festivities with the Dino Egg Island Tour Seasonal Ranked Party, an adrenaline-fueled adventure for avid players. Conquer the Egg Rank Tasks to reap exclusive rewards, including the formidable Primeval Spiked Club, the stylish Origami Boat Outfit, and the adorable Baby Dinosaur Avatar Frame.

Eggy Party December 2023
Image via NetEase

As the competition heats up, those who choose to top up during this exhilarating event stand to gain even more, with the chance to secure up to 66 Shiny Coins. Prepare for intense challenges, dazzling prizes, and an extraordinary journey in Eggy Party’s December celebration!

Eggy Party special events will take place in December involving a chance at winning the Red Bean Taiyaki Outfit

Get ready for an exciting December event that offers players a golden opportunity to snag the exclusive Red Bean Taiyaki Outfit. Running from December 1 to January 4th, this limited-time extravaganza invites players to try their luck, with each attempt costing just 1 Shiny Coin. Navigate the game strategically by spending a Shiny Coin to move 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 steps, unveiling a path filled with potential treasures.

Land on spaces 1, 3, 6, and 10 to unveil coveted rewards like 2x Shiny Coins, 2x Mystery Box Dyes, 40x Fashion Badges, and the pièce de résistance – the Red Bean Taiyaki Outfit. Every space promises a touch of excitement, offering random rewards such as 100-200 Bottle Caps or 10-20 Fashion Badges. Seize this chance, plot your moves wisely, and adorn your character in the rarest of duds in Eggy Party’s unmissable December spectacle!

Eggy Party December 2023
Image via NetEase

Eggy Pop celebrates the spirit of creativity, and what better avenue for fans to showcase their artistic prowess than through the Frosty Festivities Map Creation Contest! Mark your calendars for December 8 – 21, as players are invited to unleash their imagination and construct the most captivating Frosty Festivities-themed maps and levels.

A riveting challenge awaits, with the top 20 map creators vying for coveted cash prizes. But the excitement doesn’t end there – every participant stands a chance to win up to $388 by garnering 20 Likes or more on their posted maps. Dive into the world of Eggy Pop, let your creativity run wild, and seize the opportunity to be both recognized and rewarded in this thrilling December contest!

Eggy Party is hosting another crossover with Budding Pop on December 8

Eggy Party enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a delightful reunion as Eggy Party gears up for another enchanting collaboration with the adorable Budding Pop toys, set to unfold on December 8th, 2023. Join forces with these irresistibly cute and soft Budding Pops as they once again team up with the Eggies on the enchanting Eggy Island. Simply by signing in during this festive event, players stand to receive a bounty of Bottle Caps, the exclusive limited edition Cute Dumpling emoji, and the charming Budding Pop Outfit!

Eggy Party December 2023
Image via NetEase

But that’s not all – for those seeking an extra layer of excitement, indulging in coin spending during the event promises to unlock a trove of unique rewards. Dive into the festivities and unlock the Budding Pop Crossover Mystery Box, serenade your way with the Beach Ukulele, relish the sweet Budding Pop Ice Cream, and showcase your dance moves with the Hula Action! December 8 marks the beginning of an adventure filled with rewards, camaraderie, and the irresistible charm of Budding Pops in Eggy Party!

December 2023 is Eggy Party’s most packed month to date, with all kinds of fun challenges to complete and exclusive gear to be won. The Dino Egg Island Tour, Frosty Festivities Map Creation Content, and Eggy Party x Budding Pop crossover will ensure that this holiday season on Eggy Island will be unforgettable. 

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