Eggy Party, NetEase’s competitive party game is now available in the SEA region

 Jump straight into the action as part of the game’s new music-themed Rock and Roll event!

NetEase Games has announced that Eggy Party is now available in the SEA region, with Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English available as language options. Individuals in the SEA region who pre-registered their interest in the game will not only receive special rewards on launch but will also have the opportunity to participate in the game’s new Rock and Roll seasonal event on day one, where they can win new musical-themed gear for their Eggies.

Players who pre-registered will receive amazing rewards in Eggy Party

After successful launches in various regions, Eggy Party is now available in the SEA region. With the game now launched in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and East Timor individuals who previously pre-registered their interest in the game will receive a multitude of benefits. These rewards will be distributed based on the number of people who signed up for the game:

  • Bottle Cap: 4000 Pre-Registrants 
  • 50 Fashion Badges: 20,000 Pre-Registrants
  • Limited Edition Outfit:  40,000 Pre-Registrants
  • Limited Edition Avatar Name Frame: 80,000 Pre-Registrants
  • 10 Bottle Cap Mystery Box Draws: 200,000 Pre-Registrants

Eggy Party introduces Rock and Roll season with fresh content

The new players in the SEA region have the opportunity to jump straight into Eggy Party’s Rock and Roll seasonal event, where they will find seven new maps added to the game. These maps include titles such as Just Dance, Music Box, Sonic Sprint, Feel the Beat, and more.

By playing these maps, participants have the chance to engage in the Rock Roll Season Activity Tasks, allowing them to earn Music Notes. These Music Notes can then be exchanged for Rock Coins, which can be used to purchase a variety of outfits and accessories, including the Top Hits Kids and Music Player.

Furthermore, players who decide to top-up their accounts during the Rock and Roll season will be entitled to top-up benefits, with the potential to claim up to 66 Shining Coins. Any top-up made during the Rock and Roll event period will also grant players the Cowie outfit and the Waacking action.

Grab Mystery Boxes, Ranked Party Rewards, and more in Eggy Party Rock and Roll Season

Many rewards and unlockables will be available during the Rock and Roll seasonal event. These include the Rock and Roll Season Mystery Box, where players can win awesome new outfits for their Eggy characters, such as Obsidian – Main Vocalist, Carol – the Guitarist, and the Robo-Drummer. Additionally, there are the Rock and Roll Seasonal Ranked Party rewards, as completing the Egg Rank Tasks will earn players the Spring Diary outfit, the Mini Keyboard accessory, and the Loyal Fan Avatar Frame!

Eggy Party available SEA
Image via NetEase

The Rock and Roll Season Party Pass will arrive, allowing participants to unlock outfits and accessories by completing special Activity Tasks. As they finish these tasks, they’ll unlock clothing items like Doge, Drake – the Mixologist, and the Green Leaf Frog, and also earn extra Shiny Coins and Egg Coins. For those already participating in the Take the Cake Season Party Pass, any remaining experience will automatically convert to fashion badges when server maintenance for the Rock and Roll event begins.

Eggy Party will be hosting several in-game events throughout the month of September 2023

In Eggy Party, there is currently a special event called “To Arms, Eggies!” which is live and will continue until September 21st. During this event, players can complete special tasks to unlock three exceptional outfits: Jade Spear, Palace of Sword and Heart, and Valley of Flowers Doctor. Additionally, there is a limited-time discount on the stunning Purple Sky Fairy outfit, available for just 60 Egg Coins.

Furthermore, Eggy Party is hosting a crossover event with the beloved Bubble Egg toys. This event will run until September 14th, allowing Bubble Eggs to visit Eggy Island and socialize with their Eggy counterparts. Players have the option to make this crossover a permanent fixture in their game by spending 640 Egg Coins, creating an everlasting Egg Paradise experience. Players in the SEA region can now download Eggy Party on Android and iOS.

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