Eggy Party x Identity V collaboration brings new characters, exclusive rewards, and more

Detective Squad, Assemble! Destination: Eggy Island!

As Halloween approaches, Eggy Island is preparing to receive a fresh influx of visitors, and an eerie atmosphere permeates the surroundings. An announcement was made by Eggy Party, heralding the commencement of a special collaborative event with the mobile game Identity V, known for its asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay.

This limited-time event is scheduled to run from October 27th to November 16th. Eggy Island has welcomed two survivors from Identity V, specifically the Gardener and the Mercenary, who find themselves pursued closely by the menacing Ripper. Throughout this event, participants will have the opportunity to acquire Identity V Choice Mystery Boxes, as well as access exclusive crossover emojis, avatar frames, outfits, and a wide array of other enticing rewards.

Eggy Party x Identity V collaboration features limited edition outfits and mystery boxes

During the crossover event between Eggy Party and Identity V, players who successfully fulfill their Daily Goals and Achievement Goals will have the opportunity to acquire exclusive Identity V outfits. Additionally, a limited-edition Joyful emoji and a multitude of other fantastic rewards are available for collection as well. Here are the limited edition mystery boxes available during the event:

Survivor – Gardener

The gardener has arrived, donning her famous straw hat and a well-worn apron with patches. Despite the scorching sun on Eggy Island, she, as a gardener accustomed to working tirelessly under its unforgiving heat, remains untroubled by the risk of sunburn. Perhaps, however, there are other potential dangers that should give her cause for concern.

Survivor – Mercenary

Draped in a dark green hooded cloak, the Mercenary presents an aura of stoicism and dependability. A fighter of his caliber undoubtedly possesses the ability to confront the challenges of Eggy Island effortlessly. As for the path to the championship, it’s merely a stroll in the park for the Mercenary.

The Ripper

The Ripper, an assassin hailing from the misty city, has made his presence known. Adorning himself with a sophisticated top hat and a stylish overcoat, he could easily be mistaken for a refined English gentleman were it not for his icy scissors and razor-sharp talons. Those who cross paths with The Ripper should take heed to steer clear of his treacherous grasp.

Are you excited about the collaboration event between Eggy Party and Identity V? Let us know in the comments below!

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