Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! is an upcoming game, now available for pre-registration on mobile

Help Save Critically Endangered Species

OtE Productions, a subsidiary with a focus on impact under the non-profit conservation organization On the Edge, has revealed the pre-registration of its latest casual mobile game titled Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!

Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! advocates the survival of endangered species

The most recent addition to OtE Productions’ array of mobile games, Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!, immerses players in the world of endangered species, particularly the Williams’ Dwarf Gecko. Through the gecko’s perspective, the game sheds light on its struggle against extinction due to the pet trade. Vibrant settings and laid-back gameplay bring forth the urgency of preserving this captivating gecko.

Electric Blue Gecko Dash
Image via OtE Productions

In collaboration with Usiku Games and Kayfo Games from the Pan Africa Gaming Group, Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! offers an adventure where players navigate various terrains, uncovering insights about the Electric Blue gecko and discovering ways to safeguard it from extinction with every interaction.

Mobile games by On the Edge raise conservation awareness worldwide

On the Edge collaborates with developers globally to release mobile games that educate players about real-world environmental challenges. From evading perils in Save the Purple Frog to racing through forests in Kākāpo Run, each game raises awareness about often neglected yet remarkable species in the realms of plants, fungi, and animals, fostering a deeper appreciation for their habitats and encouraging their conservation.

Pre-registration for Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! is now open on Android and iOS

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