Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! is now available globally on Android and iOS

A game designed to raise awareness of lesser-known endangered species

OtE Productions reveals that its latest casual mobile game, Electric Blue: Gecko Dash!, is now available globally. Putting players in the shoes of a Williams’ Dwarf Gecko, an endangered species, the game is the newest offering from the impact-oriented branch of the conservation nonprofit On the Edge.

Electric Blue Gecko Dash brings a gaming journey for conservation

In the canopy of Tanzania’s Kimboza forest, resides an extraordinary reptile, recognized as the Electric Blue Gecko. Despite its diminutive size, this captivating creature effortlessly commands attention. Under the radiant sun, alpha males proudly exhibit hues reminiscent of turquoise gemstones, amplifying the lizard’s allure among illicit collectors who procure it through the pet trade.

Yet, this poses a dilemma, compounded by the threat of forest fires. When subjected to stressors, the Electric Blue Gecko undergoes a chromatic transformation to black. The narrative shifts significantly when considering the females of this species.

Electric Blue Gecko Dash available
Image via OtE Productions

In the mission to aid the gecko in breaking free from the poacher’s grasp and navigating back to its original screwpine tree habitat, players are tasked with steering clear of various dangers such as deforestation, wildfires, and the spread of invasive vegetation.

From consuming insects for a surge of energy to overcome obstacles to executing timely dashes to evade poachers’ clutches, the game seamlessly blends captivating casual gameplay elements with vibrant surroundings to shed light on the plight of the visually stunning electric blue gecko.

OtE Productions’ extensive assortment of mobile games, which includes titles like Save the Purple Frog and Kākāpo Run, serves to raise awareness about the significant hurdles faced by critically endangered species today, ranging from the proliferation of invasive species to habitat degradation caused by human intervention and the illicit wildlife trade. Electric Blue: Gecko Dash! is free and available to download now on iOS and Android.

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