Embracelet: Machineboy Studio’s hit puzzle game is arriving on Android

The newest title releases on July 9!

Embracelet is a story-based puzzle game which had released in 2020 for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game has garnered a lot of positive reviews upon its release due to its great character & storyline. Today, Machineboy Studio has announced the release of Embracelet on Android devices through their social media platform. The game will be released on the Google Play Store on the 9th of July, 2021.

Gameplay Overview

The game is about a teenager named Jesper, who receives a small bracelet from his grandfather as a birthday gift. He soon finds out that the gift is not a piece of mere jewellery but contains magical telekinetic powers. On asking his grandfather about the bracelet, his grandfather reveals that there is a huge secret behind the bracelet.

He further advises him to visit the island where he grew as a kid to know the full details. Now, Jesper was curious to know the true owner of the bracelet. On the adventure to disentangle the truth behind the magical powers of the bracelet, he sets off to the island.

This magical adventure of Jasper forms the remaining crux of the story. The gameplay is filled with small puzzle-like elements that can be solved with the help of clues from the environment and his telekinetic bracelet. The puzzles are cleverly put together, helping to uplift the arc of the story. 

The game will be coming on Android this week. It would be available for purchase at $6.69. Along with the release of Embracelet on Android, a special mid-summer sale of the game is available for players from PC, Nintendo Switch & iOS. 

About Machineboy Studio

Embracelet is the second game from the company, Machineboy Studio. Headed by a solo Indie developer named Mattis Folkestad, the studio has also released some weirdly odd games in the past. This includes the likes of Milkmaid of the Milky Way Galaxy. Upon its initial release, many players have had the opinion that it is not one of the most challenging puzzle games out there. Although the beautiful stories and the characters will surely take a special place in your heart at the end.

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