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Empires & Puzzles: Zynga reveals spellbinding new Tower of Magic event in the game

In-Game Challenge Will Enchant Players with Magical New Heroes and Potent Skills

Small Giant Games, a subsidiary of Zynga Inc a global leader in interactive entertainment, will launch Tower of Magic, an entrancing new in-game event in its popular Empires & Puzzles mobile game. Part of Zynga’s diverse games portfolio, Empires & Puzzles successfully blends approachable match-3 battles with deeper gameplay elements including hero collection, base building, and social alliances.   

The Tower of Magic event will feature many magical quests with wizards

Tower of Magic will embrace danger and mystery by bringing together a family of wizards, sorcerers, clerics, and druids in a tower stronghold. Players complete different floors of the tower by clearing puzzle challenges. With each completion, players are granted unique enhancements, such as strength from boosted attacks or fortified defenses. In addition to 25 standard floors to master, there are an additional 50 extreme floors with greater difficulty to challenge advanced players.

Tower of Magic evolves the Empires & Puzzles gameplay concept first introduced in our Ninja Tower event by transporting players to an enchanted fortification with 75 floors of increasing challenge. This new event empowers players to unleash magical new heroes and powers, taking them to the next level of match-3 gameplay.

Jose Saarniniemi, Managing Director of Small Giant Games

With gems or special Tower coins, players can summon 10 new heroes, including Nadezhda the Tower Headmaster, Anastasia the Apprentice Summoner, and Milena the Teacher of the Arcane Arts. Each magical hero is granted new class-specific skills, such as summoning magical minions or healing team members. 

The event will run this Sepetember

The new Tower of Magic event in Empires & Puzzles will run from September 15 through 20. Since its launch in 2017, Empires & Puzzles has reached the No. 1 grossing games position in over 70 countries on the App Store and over 30 countries on Google Play. Empires & Puzzles is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

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