Equestriad World Tour is now available globally on both Android and iOS

Get the feel of Equestrian Sport on mobile!

Australian Mobile Games publisher GoGallop Studios recently announced the launch of Equestriad World Tour, which is now globally available on both Android and iOS. The announcement of the game for both these platforms came after the company understood player feedbacks and has been trying to make the game the best in its class. Players can enjoy this free-to-play Sports game that will see them jump into the world of equestrian care and competition on the mobile platform.

About Equestriad World Tour

The game is developed and published by GoGallop Studios. Now available on both Android and iOS. Equestriad World Tour is a family-friendly experience that delivers a fun, realistic portrayal of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport of exciting show-jumping, cross-country & dressage competitions of the popular sport. For those who do not know, the game is representing the term Equestrian, which is also be called horseback riding. This can be referred to as the skill of riding with horses.

Game Modes

Mastering skills in the three equestrian disciplines of jumping, cross-country, and dressage is just the first step in Equestriad World Tour. There’s a Solo Career mode in the game for their career progress and also to compete as part of a team with friends and family give players choice as they take on the equestrian world. Whether players are aiming to be the top stud or seek success as part of a team, they will have to compete in qualifying events to reach the ultimate challenges of the Equestriad World Tour. Options for customizing your horses also add a lot of fun and a real-life experience of the Equestrian game.

Tack Shop

Equestriad World Tour available globally

There are a lot of unlockable items that players can access in the game’s Tack Shop to customize the look of their steed. This Christmas and end-of-year season, there will be more ways to turn horses into pretty ponies with the arrival of Christmas-themed items in the Tack Shop. Turn your steed into a famous, red-nosed reindeer, give it an adorable Santa hat, and more that is to come in the game.


The launch of the Equestriad World Tour on Android will see the latest licensed horse trial event coming to the game, Land Rover Kentucky, which is an event that will go on for three days. Followers of equestrian sports will recognize Kentucky as the only five-star event in the western hemisphere, and one of only six in the world. You will also have the Adelaide, Badminton, and Burghley Horse Trials coming too. Besides, we can also expect a few more official horse trial events coming soon too.

Fans and newcomers all over the world will be able to test their skills in this prestigious 3-day eventing competition. However, Equestriad World Tour also adds localization in several new languages. Players can now enjoy the game in German, Italian, and Spanish, in addition to English. Players will also get a French localization coming soon to the game.

What the publishers had to say

We’ve had some great feedback from our iOS community and we’re really impressed with how players have gone from trot to canter with Equestriad World Tour already, said Craig Laughton, CEO at GoGallop Studios. He continued: “With the game’s launch on Android we’re excited to open our doors to even more players and give everyone the immersive anytime, any place equestrian experience we’ve been working so hard on.”

As Equestriad World Tour is now available globally on Android and iOS devices, let us know your thoughts on how the game will fare against its competition in the comments below!

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