Erica: The PS4 exclusive interactive thriller is now available on iOS

Reach into a living world and change the course of the story

Flavourworks has launched its interactive adventure thriller Erica on iOS, over a year after its original release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The interactive thriller game launched by Flavourworks on PS4 in August of 2019 has now been ported to the App Store after nearly a year and a half of being a PS4 exclusive.

Gameplay Overview

It’s an interactive Full Motion Video game, similar to the likes of The Bunker and The Complex. You play Erica, a character trying to uncover her family’s hidden secret while trying to solve her father’s murder. The game which makes use of groundbreaking live-action technology has multiple endings and you can interact with Erica’s surroundings with the touch controls. You have to make your decisions based on the choices you’re presented with and they impact the outcome of your playthrough and each branch you hang on to as different secrets of its own as the overview for the game says “No single path holds all the answers.”

Erica ios release
Erica iOS release on the App Store

While some people are upset over the fact that Sony didn’t keep this game exclusively for PS4 players, we’re just happy that now, people on another platform can enjoy the game and it has a wider reach. Also, the game has been given a score of 69/100 by Metacritic.

Head over to App Store now!

Erica is free to download on your iPhone or iPad on the App Store but once you’ve played the trial, you need to make a one-time purchase of £2.99 to unlock the full game. Because of the fact that the game can also be played on your PS4 using your phone as a controller  (all thanks to the Sony Playlink technology), it must have been easy for Sony to port over the game and we hope for an immersive and tension-filled experience.

What are your views as Erica launches on the iOS Store over a year after its PS4 release. Let us know in the comments below.

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