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Eroica, the anime RPG to end its service on December 22, 2023

The cherished moments and adventures will forever echo in our hearts!

The Eroica Operations Team and Funters Studio have stated in a heartbreaking note that the beloved RPG game Eroica will be saying goodbye to its players. The decision was made when the team encountered overwhelming obstacles in maintaining the game’s development due to a lack of resources and a persistent struggle to balance maintenance costs with revenue.

Eroica game service bid farewell due to financial struggles

The primary reason for the termination is the continued financial hardship since maintenance expenditures consistently outpaced money earned. Despite the team’s unwavering efforts, the loop of insufficient resources and unfulfilled player expectations became unsustainable.

Eroica end service
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Eroica, which began its journey in 2018 with the ambitious objective of developing an RPG that would resonate deeply with players, managed to grab hearts worldwide in August 2022 and in Japan in February 2023. However, despite their best efforts, the team admits that they were unable to exhibit everything they had envisioned for the game.

The game’s service will be phased out gradually, with the in-game store closing on November 23rd and the final shutdown slated for December 22nd. This was obviously a difficult decision for the development team, who expressed sadness and apologized to the player community.

Players who were looking forward to the introduction of new characters, the continuation of Chapter 6, and the introduction of new gaming mechanics will be disappointed. The team recognizes the disappointment that this choice may cause and believes that their growth difficulties are insufficient justification.

Eroica game service comes to an end, but the adventures live on

As Eroica now becomes a cherished memory, the Operations Team and Funters Studio extend their heartfelt gratitude to everybody who participated in this gaming adventure. Despite the closure of the service, the crew hopes that the adventures and memories made in the game will live on forever.

While the game we created will now become memories of the past,” the developers write, “our adventures and memories will last forever.” Every moment has been important and precious with all of you since the beginning of this ceremony until today.”

What are your thoughts on the news that Eroica will end its service? Let us know in the comments below!

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