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Eversoul reveals ‘Champs Arena’ a brand-new PVP mode as well as a spring-themed event

Only the best can be victorious in this 15-Soul battle for glory!

Eversoul, a free-to-play mobile RPG from Kakao Games and Nine Ark Inc., is excited to introduce its brand-new PVP mode, “Champs Arena,” for the best of the best. Champs Arena, which is open to players who have completed Battlefront stage 5-1, puts the top teams against one another in a 15-Soul grudge fight that promises tonnes of nonstop action. Champs Arena is accessible for free five times daily, and there are more free challenges that reset each day at 0:00 UTC. If players use up all of their daily efforts, they can still fight with Champs Arena Tickets.

Eversoul celebrates Champs Arena with double victory rewards

Three levels of difficulty—low, medium, and high—will be presented to players, and these levels will determine how difficult their opponents will be. After being chosen, players must create three teams of five Souls and choose the order in which they will engage their opponent’s squads in combat.

Players will lose if they are unable to defeat the foes within the allowed time, despite the fact that battle is fully automatic and ultimate talents are not used. Selecting the right Souls for each round will be crucial, and players will have to make challenging decisions as they assemble their ideal squads.

Eversoul Champs Arena mode
Image via Kakao Games Corp

Players can choose booster cards before the game begins, and a special Treasure Card system will grant your team of Souls additional advantages. You might gain a tactical advantage by using this recently created method.

Three different prize categories are available at the Champions Arena. As a result of the battle’s outcome, the challengers’ ranks will change as well as the players’ points and victory rewards. There are a variety of rewards for daily and weekly rankings, so players will want to continually participate in the Champions Arena to earn the greatest payments. The Champs Arena’s victory awards will be doubled from now through March 22 to honor the debut of the new game mode, making it the ideal time to test out Eversoul’s new PvP mode.

Eversoul is also holding a special flower-themed event

From now until March 29, 2023, Eversoul is also hosting a unique flower-themed event called Spring Blooming in Your Heart where players will have to protect themselves from a horde of monsters in a time-limited mini-game. This is for those who might not be prepared for the contest of champions yet.

The special event currency Lucky Petals as well as numerous goodies will be awarded to any Saviors and their accompanying Souls that manage to withstand the onslaught of demons for 90 seconds while collecting as many points as they can by eliminating them.

Eversoul Flower Power
Image via Kakao Games Corp

Lucky Petals can be traded in for unique items that can be used to bring a bit of nature into the Town. They consist of a Flowery Tile, a Sleeping Fox, a Stem Pot, a Forest Tree Home, a Sturdy Tree Stump, and a Hammock Swing. For a limited time only, players can also purchase a special Clara and Haru costume.

Other special events are scheduled for March, including the Flower Daily Login Bonus and Flower Daily Mission, which just need users to log in daily or complete daily tasks to accumulate Lucky Petals, another event currency. Also, as part of the Lucky Petal Collecting Mission Event, players will receive more Everstones based on how many Lucky Petals they collect.

Eversoul is also sharing a huge Guild Content update

With the help of their guildmates, players can take on massive bosses that offer priceless prizes in the brand-new Guild Raids. Beginning on March 9, 2023, Charite, the first enormous boss, will be available for one week of combat. Players can earn awards both individually and collectively as a guild, while the boss’s Health is shared among the guild members.

Eversoul Guild Raids
Image via Kakao Games Corp

The final prize will depend on the guild’s overall position. Players must defeat the boss monster with their guild as aggressively and passionately as they can if they want to reach the highest rank. There are other boons to aid players along the path, including the addition of the new Treasure Card system to Guild Raids.

Are you excited about the Champs Arena mode in Eversoul? Let us know in the comments below!

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