EXIT- Curse of Ophir is a new escape room puzzle game for Android and iOS

In the Curse of Ophir, everything is part of the game

United Soft Media’s EXIT- Curse of Ophir, a brand new escape room puzzle game shrouded in mystery is set to release on iOS and Android devices on September 22.

Explore a hotel with a dark past

EXIT is actually a popular board game franchise and in this particular game, players try to solve a puzzle involving Tory Harlane, a famous writer who disappeared under mysterious circumstances with the last known location of the author being Hotel Ophir, located deep within Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountain where he was researching haunted houses.

Players are on this treacherous adventure alone as they solve various puzzles to get out after being trapped and then uncover the dark secrets of the area, which even include a city of gold along with an ancient curse. The puzzles also apparently require players to think outside of the box and beyond the game.

EXIT- Curse of Ophir release
EXIT- Curse of Ophir gameplay

EXIT- Curse of Ophir: What can players expect

The game seems to have quite a frightening yet intriguing setting and story, so it should definitely be interesting to see if United Soft Media has managed to create the right atmosphere in the game. 

It’s a single-player title with quite a fleshed-out story as we already know. Players must interact with various puzzles, find various clues, handle old artifacts and do a lot more to get to the end of the game. Also, this might not be the only EXIT game to enter the mobile world. 

The game releases on both Android and iOS on September 22. The game is a paid title priced at $5.99 and, players can get it on Android and on iOS.

Are you excited about the release of EXIT- Curse of Ophir on mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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