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Fable Valley: New and Charming MMORPG is now available

Fable Valley has stunning gameplay and immersive visual effects are now available for mobile devices. Combine your excellent skills with an interesting storyline and explore this fantasy world!

Be a Hero in this epic tale of an adventure

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“The Story starts with Five Emperors of Heaven leading the world for a long time, and the rise of the Wounded Circles began to disobey the command of the Divine Realm. The Wounded Circles led the Wings of the World to defeat the gods and eventually lost, and the entrance of the Wounded Circle was sealed by the gods. To be peaceful.”

The game throws you into the world once you decide between the female and male character. You will be prompted to tap the quest log, which then makes your character automatically walk, fight and talk to NPCs to finish this quest. You can also choose to do everything manually.

The game offers clean 3D graphics alongside with cool sounds and visual effects. You can join battles and participate in Team Dungeons or challenge bosses with your teammates. This game also offers a robust social system! Bond with your friends online, form relationships and get involved in weddings. It is an auto MMORPG and runs on its own, you also level up quite fast compared to similar games.

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Fable Valley Global Release

Currently, the game is running already on Version 2 since it has been out for a week now. They now have new servers, spread among Asia, North America and Europe respectfully.

What has been your experience with auto MMORPGs? Is this the type of game you love, or do you wish for something more in-depth? Please let us know in the comments below and take part in the discussions over in our discord!

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