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Farlight 84 explains its matchmaking system

Matchmaking system ensure fairness and varied gameplay experience!

Farlight 84 is a futuristic technology-based action battle royale game from Farlight Games. The game is set in 2084 when humanity is attacked by an unknown virus. The game has been a great success since its initial days and features fierce combat with amazing graphics, weapons, and characters with powerful abilities. The game recently launched on PC via Steam and Farlight 84 players expressed their concern regarding the matchmaking system and the developers have now explained about it.

Farlight 84 guarantees fairness in its Matchmaking system

Farlight 84 supports cross-play between Mobile and PC and enables players to compete against each other, no matter what devices they are on. However, this sparked doubts and also curiosity in lots of players that if mobile players are often matched with players on PC, who usually outperform players on Mobile devices. The developers have now explained that mobile players are only matched with other players on mobile and PC players are matched with only PC.

However, if even one person on the squad is on PC and the rest 3 are on mobile platforms, the system matches them with other players who are on PC and mobile. This is to ensure fairness in competition and a varied gameplay experience for the players.

Since Farlight 84 supports cross-play, the game has two lobbies, mobile-only and mixed. The mobile-only lobby matches players on mobile devices and the mixed lobby matches players with both PC and mobile platforms. If players play solo or all the players in the squad are on mobile, they are placed in the mobile-only lobby.

The matchmaking system in Farlight 84 is fair and guarantees dividing the lobbies based on devices and ensures balanced matchups. This helps the game to ensure fair competition and lets players enjoy cross-play between mobile and PC. Additionally, if the players are still facing any issues they can contact customer service via in-game or comment in the recent tweet on the matchmaking system with their UID to get help.

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