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Farlight 84 Philippines Summit 2023 reveals long-term Roadmap with release for Consoles in 2024

Something for the future!

The recently concluded Farlight 84 Philippines Summit 2023 has unveiled an exciting roadmap, showcasing upcoming additions including a fresh new map, the arrival of a Filipino Hero, and various other plans including the Esports sector of the game while also getting a release for Console in 2024. In this article, we shall give a look into what the plans for the future are.

Farlight 84 Philippines Summit 2023 Roadmap Overview

A new Map is arriving

Farlight 84 2023 new map
Image via Farlight Games

The new Map is scheduled to go live by the end of the year. Although the details are little known, they are teasing players with the prospect of a groundbreaking map that promises an entirely unprecedented Farlight 84 experience. From the image shared, there might be possibilities that this could be a lush mountain, the zip line giving the cracks away with bits of orange terrain, making it interesting to look out for.

New Filipino Hero and revamps

Farlight 84 new hero
Image via Farlight Games

A Filipino hero is set to make an entry to the game this October, who according to them embodies a lively rock star spirit while fulfilling a supportive role. The presentation is musical as well as the video, so it won’t be a surprise related to Filipino music might make an entry if it isn’t an original character.

This will be accompanied by the revamping of five existing heroes in the game as well as the arrival of a new hero skin exclusively crafted for the fans in the Philippines, helping them gain an enhanced gameplay experience. Once again, the details are under wraps.

Anti-Cheat System

Another noteworthy aspect to discuss is the implementation of a refurbished Anti-Cheat System in the game, which the developers consider to be a great approach to preventing cheats swarm. This system operates on a three-tiered approach, involving levels of automatic bans, player reporting, and irregular data checks.

Regarding automatic bans, as soon as cheating behavior is detected by players, instant action is taken to remove the cheater. At level 2, each report is treated with utmost seriousness and subjected to a thorough review process. The final tier involves a deep dive into player data, and action will be taken if any anomalies or irregularities are identified.

Additionally, efforts are being directed towards refining the matchmaking process and IP ban considerations to ensure isolation. Concurrently, the development team’s dedication to upholding fair play is evident through the substantial ban of over 44,000 cheat attempts within just one year.

Monthly and Semi-Annual Updates

Farlight 84 roadmap plans
Image via Farlight Games

In the event, it was also mentioned that beginning next year, a new Hero will join the Farlight 84 roster on a monthly basis. This will be seasonal, and will also come with monthly Battle Pass skins to keep the content fresh. Furthermore, there are numerous updates in the pipeline, including the introduction of a new map, weapons, modes, and vehicles every six months.

Farlight 84 will be expanding to Nintendo and Consoles soon

As Farlight 84 prepares to expand its reach onto new platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch set to launch later this year, and onto the PS5 and Xbox in 2024, they revealed a significant milestone of 30 million registered users worldwide. Impressively, a substantial portion of this user base, totaling 1 million players, hails from the Philippines alone.

With Farlight Games intending to invest over $20 million in the Philippines within the next five years, the future looks bright for the title, and given the roadmap plans they have, it might even gain strength in the player base as time goes on.

What are your thoughts on the long-term Roadmap unveiled in the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit 2023? Do let us know in the comments!

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