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Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG is now available as an open beta on Android

A visual feast RPG with exciting strategic gameplay!

Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG, a role-playing strategy game published by Loongcheer Game has begun its open beta test on Google Play. The game features a gallery of more than 75 heroes. In Fate Fantasy, the player assumes the role of an explorer who must discover and reveal the complete story through chapter gameplay.

The legend of the goddess from countless years ago is told here. On the mainland, people coexisted in harmony while living and working. But the utopian lifestyle was short-lived. Evil launched a war against humanity one day. The goddess used up all of her energy and dozed off. Humanity stood up and issued a call to arms to rebel. The brave man successfully sealed evil, and the war came to an end. The chapter gameplay will reveal the entire plot.

Assemble a team of heroes from different factions and show your strategy

Teams of Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark are assembled by more than 75 heroes from 5 different factions. Unlike other RPGs, Fate Fantasy does not give its characters active skills. Heroes receive a skill from the weapon they use because only certain weapons have those specific skills. When using General and Fate weapons, General Mastery and Exclusive Mastery, which still provide a combat power bonus, will be improved.

Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG open beta
Image via Loongcheer Game

Player strategies are obvious throughout the game. Consider moving into advantageous terrain to protect the hero and reduce damage, choosing a good battle route to win the battle more quickly, paying attention to attribute counters to deal more damage to the enemy, etc.

Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG features diverse PvE and PvP gameplay

The PvE gameplay system in Fate Fantasy is well thought out and has a balanced level of difficulty, allowing players to gather the required props as quickly and widely as they can. For instance, finish Boss Challenge missions to earn experience points (EXP) for team advancement; Secret Realm of Trials, a time-limited game; Sweep Dungeon to obtain materials for rank advancement; etc. The gameplay systems will be unlocked in groups of more than six.

The player can compete against actual players in the Arena to advance through the grades, from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Diamond to King; Engage in Guild Hunting by joining the guild. Take the top spot in the guild and the arena by surpassing other superiors.

Android users can download Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG game from the Play Store for early access and be the first ones to play. Players can join the official Discord for more information about the game.

What are your thoughts as Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG is now available as open beta on Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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