FC Mobile 24 December 2023 Patch Update introduces major gameplay improvements

Lots of bug fixes and improvements!

So far the current season of FC Mobile 24 has been far from ideal and the fans worldwide have made their voice heard. Luckily EA has been kind enough to take note of the players’ feedback and recently launched a patch update on the same. The latest FC Mobile 24 December 2023 update fixes some minor bugs and introduces tons of gameplay updates for the PvP game modes.

FC Mobile 24 December 2023 Patch Update: Gameplay Improvements

Passing Improvements

  • The overall speed of Ground and Ground Through Pass has been improved to further enhance Build-Up Play
  • Players will now use Contextual Dinked Passes, both on the Ground and Through passes to avoid the opponent Defender’s blocks and tackles
  • Nerfed the Driven Lob Pass to prohibit the misuse of unrealistic fast headers and shots
  • Improved the Ground Through Pass Speed mechanics near the sideline therefore increasing the chances of the ball being in play instead of going for unwanted Throw-ins
  • Weak-foot shots have been improved in general for better scoring opportunities

Dribble Improvements

  • Sprint Dribble touches will now feel more explosive as they will have a longer kick distance and allow your Players to maintain their pace
  • The overall Jog Dribble Turning Speed has been improved, especially for Tall Players
  • Fatigue has been adjusted to ensure that its impact on a Player’s running and Dribbling ability is more reasonable throughout different periods of the match

Manager Mode Improvements

  • Addressed an issue related to the AI Player’s performance and abilities. This will now ensure the AI-controlled players play more intelligently and better represent their Attributes
  • Players will now be accurate and generally have faster Shots
  • Addressed an issue where Players will continuously Dribble toward the Corners to attempt Crosses
  • Finally, your Team OVR will be better reflected by your team’s performance on the pitch unlocking their full potential

If you want to Manager Mode quickly and efficiently, go through our FC Mobile 24 Manager Mode guide for tips and tricks

FC Mobile 24 December 2023 Patch Update: System Adjustments and Bug Fixes

VS Attack Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Attacking Chances would start without Players near the Ball
  • Fixed an issue where Attacking Chances would start from the Center Back, this was usually affecting 3 at the back Formations
  • Fixed an issue of long Black Screen intervals between Chances

Tackling VSA mode can get toxic and tough very quickly, hence to climb up the leaderboards quickly, check our FC Mobile 24 VS Attack Mode guide for tips and tricks

Other Fixes

  • Resolved joystick delay issue and improved shot responsiveness
  • Fixed an issue of unreasonably fast headers or shots, when using the Driven Lob Pass
  • Reduced in-game connection issues

That’s all for the FC Mobile 24 December 2023 Update! The devs at EA will continue to look forward to player feedback to further balance and improve gameplay.

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