FIFA Mobile 20 received 1.2 million downloads after releasing in South Korea

South Korea got its own version of FIFA Mobile 20, as the game finally launched on June 10th. The game unsurprisingly was a major hit and has already accumulated 1.2 million downloads, according to App Annie. Famous Asian Publisher Nexon had earlier signed a deal to publish FIFA Mobile exclusively for the Korean Market.

About FIFA Mobile 20 Korea

In early March, Nexon Korea had signed a deal with Electronic Arts to launch a new title FIFA Mobile 20 in South Korea. It was already notified in-game that very soon a new FIFA Mobile was about to hit in Korea.

FIFA Mobile 20 in South Korea
Image Source: Reddit

From April 3rd to 13th a short closed Beta testing was held to check the in-game specifications. During the beta testing, the users were allowed all the in-game licensed players, leagues, and exclusive game modes. A couple of months later on 10th June, the game was finally live.

Evidently, after the first 24 hours, there was a huge surge in the number of app downloads as the game hit 1.2 million downloads alone in a single day.

FIFA Mobile Korea Trailer

According to App Annie director of the market, Amir Ghodrati, “EA working with Nexon highlights the benefits of working with local publishers when making a best-in-class localized version of a mobile game, but also the increasing emphasis on core gaming opportunities on mobile for consumers.” “This is just one major reason why consumer spending in mobile gaming is set to reach 2.8x PC/Mac and 3.1x home consoles by the end of 2020.”

How to download FIFA Mobile Korea

For South Korean citizens, the game is already in their respective app stores. You can easily download it from the Google Play Store if you are an Android user residing in Korea. For people residing outside Korea, you need to download the apk file externally from a trusted website in order to get a taste of this game.

Final thoughts

FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of EA’s famous football simulation series FIFA. Since its inception in October 2016, the game has proved to be a global success and also has a very loyal fan base. Although the game runs globally, China already had its own localized exclusive FIFA Mobile operated by a separate team.

Korea became the latest country to get its own version of FIFA Mobile 20. EA Korea publishing head Scott Yoo said, “We are focusing on FIFA Mobiles development to deliver culturalized experiences of football through mobile devices.”EA is pleased to work with Nexon to provide the best service for this game.”

With South Korean footballer Son Heung-Min appearing on the cover and getting his own Domination event card, the game thus appeals to native South Koreans in a special way. With Football being the most popular game on the planet, FIFA Mobile is the closest as it gets to playing Football on mobiles. Therefore it is yet to be seen just how much FIFA Mobile can dominate the Korean Apps Market post its release.

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How many downloads/ players does Fifa 20 Mobile have in general? Can’t find that information anywhere..

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