FIFA Mobile 20 SBC: All that we know and what to expect

The wait is finally over! FIFA Mobile 20 SBC is here! According to last night’s announcement made by EA, Squad Building Challenges namely SBCs are a reality now. Here is everything that we know and how to prepare for the upcoming Squad building Challenges.

FIFA Mobile 20 SBCs: An Introduction

For all those who are unfamiliar with the concept of SBC and a quick reminder for those of us who have been eagerly waiting for two years!

Squad Building Challenges require users to make a squad with a certain formation and other certain prerequisites. These requirements can be of the players belonging to a certain nation, a certain league or even a certain club. Or even the whole squad having a certain predefined OVR. You need to make the squad with players from our own roster. Once you fill out the squad with the players, you confirm your completion with the submit option. The players will be then REMOVED from your inventory, in exchange for coins, skill boosts, kits, and brand new players, namely a 98 OVR Sancho.

Note: Since the players used in SBC’s trading are gone for once and all from your inventory, please do NOT use the players you plan to hold up for your team.

Heads up

For completing the Squad Building Challenges, one will require players to meet the requirement of the challenge from their own roster. And this is exactly the market will see a huge surge with it is already rising as we speak. So to prepare for FIFA Mobile 20 SBC, here are our suggestions.

Within the next 12 hours, people are gonna lose their minds on the market. Elites will soon an increase in price along with the 77-79 rated golds, Even the 79 rated golds will pump high up in price in the future as the event hits in. For anyone who is sitting on elite investments for 100k right now can become a billionaire. Once all of these goes, everything is gonna go up across the board be it golds, elites or master.

Right now your best bet can be for stockpiling elites, and with whatever coin value you have just Buy Buy Buy Buy. There are no specific positions, you need players of every position to complete the challenges. Fill your inventory with 77-79 golds and elites, be it base cards or past program player cards. Don’t neglect the gold cards as with OVR restrictions in SBC’s, gold cards come handy more often than not.

Bonus Tip

According to the update, Icons are back with a bang and like season 2, they have their very own event. Since Icons are non-auctionable, they won’t be available in the market. And one of the few ways of getting them will be via the SBCs. Thus as a pro tip, horde in players from top footballing nations such as Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil. Also, do remember this stockpiling doesn’t have an end.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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