FIFA Mobile 20 update: The ultimate guide for the new season

FIFA Mobile is kicking off with its new season! Fans were eagerly waiting for the FIFA mobile 20 updates to experience the latest additions in the game. And finally, here it is! FIFA had already announced the arrival of the new season and it is to be noted that the new season of FIFA mobile was released on September 18th, 9:00 AM Pacific time earlier than the release of FIFA 20, which is available in the market on September 27th. FIFA Mobile 20 update is expected to be a much better and gameplay enhanced one, for the news of the arrival of new Icons and graphic improvements.

The beta phase ended last week, and the reviews are mixed. Expectations of a better game is on the cards and if we check the additions in the game, it looks interesting! So, if you are curious about the new season of FIFA Mobile, we have tried to cover every possible query related to FIFA Mobile 20 new season update.

FIFA Mobile 20 update: The Rollover guide

Which will not be carried over?

  • Entire team, roster (Except Legacy team)
  • FIFA Coins
  • FIFA Gems
  • Skills boosts
  • VS User stats and records
  • All club fans
  • Cups
  • Quests
  • Training XP
  • Leaderboards

Which will not reset?

  • FIFA Point balance
  • User Packs
  • User team, logo

Legacy Team: A new aspect of carrying over your team

EA Sports have decided to give their users a sigh of relief with this new addition in the game. FIFA Mobile is getting a new yet splendid update on your team-building capabilities, which is called the Legacy Team. This will be very helpful to every FIFA Mobile player who has spent his time on the game every season but sees his favourite team disappear at the end of every season.

The Legacy team in simple words will allow players to carry the starting XI of their current season to the next season which can be used to play events. But to note, they can only be used in certain events and challenges which FIFA will mention in prior. The rewards are also boosted in the case of Legacy Teams, so make sure to end this season on a high note.

fifa mobile
More events in FIFA Mobile 20

How to set your Legacy Team in FIFA Mobile 20?

Prioritize your players, favourite or the best ones, build a high rated starting XI with the best set of players. You will have an option called ‘Legacy team’ in which you can view your team which will be carried over. The maximum OVRs attained by the team and the individual player is locked once the season ends, which will be retained in the next season.

Make sure to set your active lineup and check your team menu regularly in order to see your rollover squad. If you do not update the same, you will not be able to access your Legacy Squad in the next update.


EA has mentioned the gameplay changes before the FIFA Mobile 20 update went live. Calculated changes have been made in terms of gameplay and honestly, FIFA could have much better but it’s still quality.

Players will have two skill moves:

  1. Roulette (Common when you press ‘SPRINT AND SKILL’)
  2. Specialized skills (Swiping up the SKILL button)

You can view a player’s swipe skill move in the player trait option. At the start of the next season, a player will have one of the five skill moves:

  1. Rainbow skill
  2. Flip Flap
  3. Lane Change and roll
  4. Heel trick
  5. Flick Up and dribble

Stun times of a skill move are based on attributes. In other words, the gameplay is more towards real-life football.

The influencing attribute of a Goalkeeper will not be his height.

FIFA Mobile 20 Competitive Events (new)

1. World Tour

FIFA Mobile 20 world tour
A look at the FIFA Mobile 20 World Tours

The World Tour in FIFA Mobile 20 is one more unique event set where you can play against real-world clubs and gain amazing rewards. Whenever you enter to play the World Tour, you will get to see many chapters to spend your time on. And each of them will feature different teams spread over many regions. At the end of each World Tour, you get a special custom World Tour player. As you go on completing the chapters, you’ll get to play against the top legend squads in the Legend campaign, your final destination.

You start your campaign in England and will continue to play over 600 events spread in 13 campaigns. The rewards include Player cards, Coins and XP. Also note that some campaigns/events meet certain requirements to play them.

2. Derby

This is a competitive event which is like a matchday mode where we get to pick a side to compete in multiple leaderboards to earn rewards. This is a limited period event, which might run as per EA’s announcements. The current Derby is scheduled from September 19th to 24th.

The event will have two teams which you will pick a squad which cannot be changed. There are two types of Alliances where they’ll have a list of players who are called Alliance Players. Using these players will boost a chance of gaining a higher Derby score when the tournament ends.

The winnings and standings will be mentioned in the leaderboard. Your Alliance will have a separate leaderboard and a global leaderboard. The global leaderboard will display everyone who participates in this event regardless of Alliance.

For additional rewards, there are quests which can be completed to earn more rewards.

Perks in FIFA Mobile 20 update

fifa mobile 20
Image via EA

Perk is a system where users can participate in League Tournaments and get rewards in the form of Perk Points. These points are further used to get your squad some permanent rewards while you win matches in the League. The more you win, the more perks you get. Perks will also allow boosting your team by features like ’Boost Chemistry’, ‘Max Chemistry’ and ‘MAX OVR’.

fifa mobile 20 perks
Image via EA

Friends List

FIFA Mobile 20 update has made the connectivity stronger, by introducing a feature named ‘Friend List’ which makes it easy to add friends in the game and play real-time matches like VS Attack and XI a side matches anywhere. This also keeps track of your records and allows you to add up to 32 friends.

Icons: Whom to play with

fifa mobile 20, FIFA Mobile, icons in fifa mobile 20,
Pirlo in FIFA Mobile 20

FIFA Mobile 20 is getting a lot of Icons during release, we get to see the same in the mobile as well. Chelsea Legends like Didier Drogba and Michael Essien, Liverpool super No.9 Ian Rush, arguably one of the greatest midfielders, Zinedine Zidane, Fullback Carlos Alberto, Italian legend Andrea Pirlo, Ronald Koeman, Ian Wright, Hugo Sanchez and some more!

Our impression about the FIFA Mobile 20 update

While we have noticed EA’s commitment to the game in terms of gameplay and events, it can be said that we can expect some more tweaks and upgrades in the game. The developers have done well in attracting more users by adding more interesting features, also by their Legacy team option allowance they’ve tried to indulge their regular players too. As the final verdict, this looks a better game than the older versions which will be a better base for EA’s developments in the mobile platform.

If any questions, feel free to use the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out in any way possible. Happy FIFAing!

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