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Fnatic India PUBG Mobile roster to disband after PMPL

Fnatic, one of the world’s biggest eSports organizations, stepped in PUBG Mobile scenarios by taking a star-studded Indian team named team Xspark a.k.a ‘TX’. After many ups and down, Fnatic India just announced that they’ll be bringing changes to their Indian PUBG Mobile roster after the PMPL 2020 is over.

The Story of Fnatic India

When Fnatic first came to India they picked up team Xspark. That time, the roster consisted of Sc0ut, Owais, Ronak, InYoDreaMs, and Parit0sh. Everyone was a star player on that team. Scout was from Team Insidious, Owais and Ronak were from Team SouL, Paritosh was from Team RiP and InYoDreams was from Team Orb. The team was doing great in daily scrims and unofficial tournaments, but in the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall split, they failed miserably as a team in the regional finals. They came 9th in the PMCO. They also played the Peacekeeper Elite league in China and came 8th. Later, they hired two other players, Ash from 8bit and Franky787. They also hired a renowned Indian PUBG PC player Pratik Mehra known as Aurum as the team’s coach. They took GodNixon as their content creator. The authority also made a temporary Bootcamp in Bangalore. In this short period, their only feather in the crown was the PUBG Mobile All-Stars, where they became champions. In PMAS, they took Sangwan from team vsgCRAWLERS as a loanee, who played a crucial role in that tournament.

Fnatic was Champion of Pubg Mobile tournament PMAS
Fnatic was the champion of PMAS 2020

Fnatic India’s jaw-dropping announcement

But now, in a recent statement, Fnatic authority has said that they are parting ways with the current roster. The ongoing PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) will be their last official tournament with this roster.

The official Instgram post of Fnatic says,

We look back at the past months as some of the most proud and important ones in Black and Orange history. We marked the start of our journey in India. During this time, we’ve seen some fantastic players carry the Fnatic crest on their chest. Some moments have been incredible, some less so. But, at the end of the day, we can proudly say that there are now tens of thousands of fans supporting this organization and the players who are signed to us.

With that, all great stories come with challenges, and sometimes we have to make changes in order for each and every player to prosper and become the best they can be. So, it is with both sadness and excitement that we announce that the PMPL will be our last dance with the current lineup. One final ride with the boys who started this journey. This lineup will always be an Emotion. We’ve got nothing but love for each of the players. But, as in many walks of life, the paths of individuals cross permanently. As the PMPL concludes, we will reveal the changes—we hope to see all of you there. We understand that this might upset some of you. But, for 15 years at Fnatic, we’ve created great talent, built fantastic teams and we can still remember every single one whose path crossed with ours. That is why our hashtag is more than a hashtag, it’s a mantra.


Why Fnatic India is disbanding its current PUBG Mobile roster?

Although it was a star-studded lineup, still there was something that was compelling the team not to perform according to their recognition. Every player in that lineup is a top-level player but they were not that good as a team. The synergy that makes a team invincible, was not there as we can see there were visible clashes between the players and coach on live-streams. Scout also said abusive words to the coach on live streams and stated that they do not like him as a coach. Scout also unfriended his teammates on a live-stream saying they are too bad to play this game. There were many verbal abuses and other kinds of stuff on the team. The team was constantly getting involved in controversies with other players and teams like UME Officials and PowerHouse. Simply, the team was not working well enough. These could be the probable causes for this disbanding.

What awaits in the future?

As sc0ut and Owais said on their respective live-streams, they are going to part ways but the friendship between them will remain intact. Owais also made a lineup named RPT for the PUBG Mobile India Series tournament. This lineup consists of Owais, Franky, Ash, and Paritosh. There was a fight between Scout’s team and this team in Chumacera in the recent crimes, from there, we came to know about this new lineup of Owais. There is no official news from Scout about his future team. But we can assure you that, we will know about his future team and lineup after the PMPL concludes.

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