Football Manager 25 aims to become the true sequel with groundbreaking changes

A new era of football management!

Football Manager has been one of the premier football management games available, and over the years, it has managed to captivate the audience into an immersive and realistic management experience possible. As we eagerly anticipate the release of Football Manager 24, exciting developments and changes are already on the horizon for the next installment, Football Manager 25, which will include an engine switch as well.

Football Manager 25 is being built from scratch

In a recent interview, Miles Jacobson, the head of Sports Interactive, revealed that the studio has been hinting at a reinvention for Football Manager 25 for quite some time. To present the upcoming sequel in a way that hasn’t been done before, with FM25, Sports Interactive is starting from scratch, building the game as if it were their first endeavor. But this time around, they are backed by two decades of experience in football simulation.

Miles Jacobson sports interactive
Image via Sports Interactive

Jacobson stated: “This is a real opportunity for us to look at every area of the game, and go, ‘Would we do it the same way if we were starting again?’ This is a proper sequel that we’re working on at the moment, in the background, while working on FM24, with full resources on both titles, because we’ve grown the studio so much to be able to work in this way. It’s a new way of thinking for us as a studio.”

Over the years, Football Manager has followed an iterative development approach, making continuous improvements and adding new features to keep the game fresh and exciting while staying true to the core principles. But, with the 20th edition of the year 2025, things are going to change, and how will they do is a question that will get an answer soon.

Football Manager 25 will be switching to Unity, the first switch in 20 years

In his interview with GamesIndustry, he mentions that they will be switching their game engine to Unity, departing from the studio’s proprietary tech, the Sports Interactive Operating System (SIOS). Jacobson reveals that the engine team took charge of conducting an internal investigation named “Project Dragonfly” to explore alternative engines, from which Unity was finalized.

Unity Engine
Image via Unity

The reason behind the engine would be the improvements in the renderer and lighting that they can achieve with external engines, like Unity, will be out of the box. Improvising their own tech means a lot of time and expenditure, and an external engine would help exactly the same way they planned to do so, a new overhaul. A change in the engine also means a change in specs, mentions Jacobs.

Although we don’t have info regarding what the changes might be, it is to be known that Football Manager 25 will be coming with a feature to transfer a saved game file from one title to another within the series. As FM25 will mark the 20th anniversary of the team making Football Manager games, as fans, we all wish it to be a game-changing one.

Are you excited as Football Manager 25 will be getting a healthy overhaul with changes? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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