Forestopia: The upcoming relaxing island simulator is now open for pre-registration

Forestopia takes players on a tranquil journey!

Forestopia, the soothing island simulator sequel from Gravity Game Arise Co. Ltd, has just been opened for pre-registration. Forestopia follows the popularity of Desertopia by transporting players to a brand-new island where they can raise a variety of flora and fauna. Forestopia has been revealed, and Gravity Game Arise has also revealed that pre-registration for the game is now live for Android and iOS devices.

Players can grow seeds to decorate their islands, investigate and breed their favorite animals in Forestopia

Desertopia takes players on a tranquil journey. It was nominated at a number of gaming events, including the Tokyo Game Show, Kyoto BitSummit, and IMGA Global, and it was featured on the App Store’s Earth Day event for three years running. By adding a new environment, a revised UI/UX, and other system enhancements, Forestopia intends to build on the 1.9M downloads of Desertopia.

Forestopia pre-registration
Forestopia is now open for pre-registration (Image via Gravity Game Arise)

With the exception of a Yeti, a robot, and an intriguing lab, the island in Forestopia is attractive and unpopulated. Players can grow seeds to decorate their islands, investigate and breed their favorite animals in the enigmatic lab, make adorably adorable terrariums, and then release the animals to coexist peacefully on the island. The game has the following key features:

  • Transform an uninhabited island into an adorable and relaxing paradise
  • Plant seeds to grow flowers to decorate your island.
  • Research and create your favorite animals in the mysterious lab, creating cute terrariums.
  • Release your animals onto the island to live together.
  • Gather resources and expand your island.
  • Play through the game’s quests to find out why the Yeti is on the island and what research was being conducted in the lab.

Forestopia pre-registration is now open for Desertopia users on the App Store and Google Play Store. Prior to the game’s release, pre-registered players will receive a commemorative login bonus called “Shibainu.” You can also visit the official website for Forestopia for additional details.

Are you excited as Forestopia is now open for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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