Forge of Empires introduces Halloween event 2022 with exciting events and rewards

Spooktacular rewards awaits players in Halloween event 2022!

Players can design cities in Forge of Empires, an InnoGames award-winning strategic city-building game, that will develop from the Stone Age to the Modern Era. The Ringmaster’s spooky traveling fairground is back with the Halloween event in Forge of Empires and will be open for business from October 27 to November 16, 2022.

Complete Ringmaster’s quests and earn tickets in Forge of Empires Halloween event 2022

Players must complete several quests assigned by the ominous Ringmaster to earn tickets. Players can use these tickets to purchase tools from the tool shop that are essential for removing the thick fog that covers the fairground.

If players are fortunate enough to obtain some diamonds, they can purchase Orbs to preview the goodies that lurk in the pernicious haze and give a heads-up on the best direction to take. Players can use Candles, Flashlights, and Lanterns to clear the paths.

Forge of Empires Halloween event 2022

Tools, pumpkins, light bulbs, toys, and stickers are concealed in the fog. Players who collect pumpkins will receive rewards at random. They have a chance to win The Daunting Tower, the daily special prize. For 24 hours on a single field, this spine-chilling structure grants Players a 50% increase in the attack power of their attacking army. Players can also obtain the Haunted Tree by completing the Calendar Rewards, which offers 20 Forge Points for 5 collections.

Claim amazing rewards during the Forge of Empires Halloween event 2022

The toys that are cloaked in the gloomy mist start fresh mini-quests. Players who complete these gruesome extra quests will receive more tickets and a unique collectible from the Toy Collection item.

Every day, players can find stickers and add them to a calendar. If it fills up, there are lots of treats available. This includes Forge Points, goods, an original avatar, a selection kit for the new Main Building, and an entirely new Limited Building!

The event’s Main Building this year is the Tarot Card Caravans. This 12-level upgradeable building provides players with happiness, population, coins, antique goods, forge points, and an increase in attack power. Keep in mind that this eerie structure has a price; it lowers the level of happiness in a player’s city.

The Players are promised a thrilling ride at the Forbidden Fairground. The newest in a long line of exquisitely crafted Events taking place in this wildly popular game is the Forge of Empires Halloween Event.

Are you excited about the Forge of Empires Halloween event 2022? Let us know in the comment section below!

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