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Fortnite to bring back the Pump Shotgun with major changes according to leaks

The classic gun coming back with a revamp?

Fortnite keeps on evolving as a game and has changed drastically from how it started in the first place. It also keeps on introducing new content and updating many things with every major update. They also keep on introducing new weapons into the game and also take away some of the old ones to keep the game fresh. Many times, they reintroduce the vaulted weapons with a fresher look, and this time around they are going to bring back the classic Pump Shotgun to Fortnite with some major changes according to leaks.

The Pump Shotgun might come back but under a new name in Fortnite

Trusted data miners and leakers of Fortnite namely HYPEX and FNAssist have put forth their claims on Twitter that the staple gun for many players back in the day might be finally coming back into Fortnite. But it is stated that the Pump Shotgun might be brought back under the new name of Sharp Tooth Shotgun.

The Sharp Tooth Shotgun is said to have some additional new features along with the alleged name change. The gun is said to have a tight spread and long-range capabilities along with a huge 160 Headshot Damage dealing capacity at Legendary Rarity. Many players are happy about the revamp of the classic gun and the upgrades it has received while some players wish that Epic Games just unvaults the old Pump Shotgun just like how it was in the past.

Changes in Fortnite have always been prone to controversies

This is not the first time that Fortnite has tried to revamp an old vaulted weapon along with some major changes. Their player base is always split in opinion during these new releases as some support the upgrades and the changes while some are against it as they would like the classic weapons to come back to their original state. 

Fortnite Pump Shotgun Leaks
Image via Epic Games

The Pump Shotgun was a good gun but these new upgrades might make it even better than before. Now players just need to wait and see if the leaks about the Sharp Tooth Shotgun are indeed true and then they can try out the gun and judge it for themselves if the upgrade was worth it or not.

What are your thoughts on the possible leaks about the return of Pump Shotgun in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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