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Fortnite v24.40 update brings a new Ranked Arena mode in Battle Royale

Enable Ranked and begin your journey of reaching “Silver,” “Gold,” “Platinum,” or beyond!

With the Fortnite v24.40 update, Epic Games has announced that the existing Arena mode will be replaced with a new Ranked Arena system on Tuesday, May 13.

The new Fortnite ranking system, which is applicable to Battle Royale is as easy to use as a toggle in the main lobby before players join a play, which is why the news caught everyone off guard this morning. Players can begin earning free cosmetics in the game’s v24.40 update on May 14 and there will be a variety of new challenges to mark this momentous transition.

With the addition of Ranked, Arena will be discontinued in v24.40. The remaining tournaments for Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 2 will not have a rank requirement for eligibility, except for the Console Champions Cup. Players will need to reach Platinum I rank or higher in Ranked Battle Royale to be eligible to compete in the Console Champions Cup on May 23.

Next Battle Royale Season, your rank will, among other factors, be an eligibility requirement for Epic-hosted tournaments. This includes tournaments for cosmetic prizes like Icon Series Cups, as well as tournaments for cash prizes such as FNCS competitions. As with all other eligibility requirements, the specific rank requirements for a given tournament will be listed in the official rules for that tournament. 

The debut of Ranked in v24.40 will be the start of Ranked Season Zero lasting until the end of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3

The ranks will range from Bronze to Unreal. They also include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, and Champion. While Elite, Champion, and Unreal will only have one rank, Bronze through Diamond will have three. Climb the Bronze ranks to achieve Silver, and then the Silver ranks to attain Gold. To get Elite, repeat this in Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Once players have reached Elite, they must prove their mettle against other very good players in order to move on to Champion and eventually Unreal. Ranked Season Zero will begin with the release of Ranked in v24.40. Up until the conclusion of Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3, there is Season Zero. During this period, we’ll be working on new features and general enhancements in preparation for when Ranked begins, which will happen in accordance with the regular Battle Royale Season timetable.

Players’ performance in prior matches, as well as their performance in their first Ranked Battle Royale and Ranked Zero Build match, will determine their beginning Battle Royale rank and Zero Build rank in Season Zero. Players simply need to participate in one Ranked match in Battle Royale or Zero Build to learn their rank.

Players who reach Unreal rank will remain in that rank for the rest of that ranked season

Players will remain in Unreal for that Ranked Season once they reach there. This implies that regardless of how well they perform going forward, they won’t move up in ranks for the remainder of the Season. Moreover, they’ll receive a number when they first log in to Unreal that represents where they rank among all other players worldwide. Players can continue to perform well in ranked games to increase their ranking and become one of the top players in the world!

Fortnite v24.40 Ranked Arena
Image via Epic Games

In the Lobby, if players have “Ranked” set to “On,” they’ll see their current rank on the left of the screen. Players will also see a progress bar indicating how far they are from advancing to the next rank or returning to the previous one. How much the progress bar increases or recedes after a match will depend on the following factors:

  • Their match placement
  • How many eliminations they or their team got in the match
    • Eliminations later in the match will count more than eliminations earlier in the match.
    • The ranks of the players they or their team eliminated will be taken into account.

Teams will be treated as a single unit — all team members will gain and lose progress equally based on team eliminations and team placement calculated at the end of a match. Their team’s rank will be determined by the highest-ranked player on the team. For example, if a team is made up of Gold I and Silver I players, they’ll matchmake as a Gold I team and play against similarly-ranked teams.

How will Ranked Arena Matchmaking work in the Fortnite v24.40 update

In v24.40, Ranked will start off with the following Battle Royale and Zero Build mode(s) supported:

Battle Royale

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Squads

Here’s how the Ranked Matchmaking will work in Fortnite:

  • If they’re playing in Solo, you’ll be matched against opponents of the same or similar rank as you. 
  • If they’re playing in Duos or Squads, your team will have a “party rank.” Your party rank will be equivalent to the rank of the highest-ranked teammate. Your team will be matched against teams with the same or similar party rank. 
  • Even though you’ll have a party rank, you’ll also maintain your individual rank. The progress bar movement for your individual rank will be based on your and your team’s performance in the Duos/Squads match.

Players can jump into Ranked matches no matter which matchmaking region they’re using.

Fortnite Aim Guide, Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Turning on Ranked will put you against other players who have Ranked enabled. You can expect all the loot and other gameplay features that are enabled in traditional Battle Royale and Zero Build to be enabled in Ranked Season Zero as the devs continue to monitor and evaluate the Ranked player experience. With this in mind, we’ll be making the following balance changes in v24.40:

  • Material caps will be decreased from 999 to 500.
  • Harvesting rates will be slightly increased.
  • Players will drop 50 of each material when they are eliminated.

Both novice and seasoned Fortnite players can participate in ranked play. Players with Epic accounts who have never logged into Fortnite will need to complete a special Quest (Outlast 500 opponents) before they can unlock the Ranked option to make sure new players are warmed up.

There will be in-game Rewards for playing in Ranked Arena Matches in Fortnite v24.40

Players will be offered a Ranked Urgent Quest when they exit the Battle Bus during a ranked match. Ranking Urgent Quests must be completed in order to unlock seasonal cosmetic prizes. Every match features a brand-new ranked urgent quest, and matches do not preserve progress on ranked urgent quests.

Burn Bright Emote

The final cosmetic reward of Season Zero is the Burn Bright Emote. Activate this Emote to show off your current rank color (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.).

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