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Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration is back with the v26.10 update

The students of U.A. High School are back for another training mission!

Fortnite patch v26.10 has made its debut in the game. Building on the triumph of Fortnite’s initial collaboration with My Hero Academia, these two entities have once again joined forces. In this latest update, players can look forward to several subtle yet impactful additions. These include the return of the Pizza Party event and the introduction of a pair of fresh Reality Augments.

Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration brings new items, quests, and skins

In update v26.10, Fortnite introduces the highly-anticipated sequel to the Fortnite x My Hero Academia collaboration. This latest crossover encompasses three key elements: new cosmetic items, Quests, and in-game items. New MHA characters, including Shoto Todoroki, Eijiro Kirishima, and Mina Ashido, have made their debut in the Item Shop following this update. Players can now purchase all three of these characters to enhance their Fortnite experience.

fortnite ice wall
Image via Epic Games

The My Hero Academia Mythic items from the previous collaboration are making a return, but this time, there’s an exciting addition. Alongside Deku’s Smash, players can now wield the power of the Ice Wall, which is Shoto Todoroki’s signature ability. This formidable skill not only immobilizes opponents with icy feet but also provides a protective barrier for players and their teammates against oncoming enemies.

To further sweeten the deal, players have the opportunity to complete Deku’s and Todoroki’s Quests. By doing so, they can earn valuable XP and even achieve a free level-up, enhancing their progression in the game.

Fortnite v26.10 update brings back Pizza Party items along with two new reality augments

The Pizza Party item is back in Fortnite patch v26.10, so be sure to enjoy a fresh slice. Each box contains eight slices of pizza, which will heal the player’s HP and Shield simultaneously. Epic Games has adjusted the Pizza Party to heal less HP per slice but can still recover the player’s Shield to 100. Locate the Piper Pace (NPC) to purchase a Pizza Party or find them on the ground or in Chests. The Slap Splash has been vaulted to free up a spot in the loot pool for the Pizza Party.

Epic Games introduced two new reality augments in Fortnite patch v26.10. In the case of the Reckless SMG Reload, it accelerates the reloading process for SMGs when the ammunition clip is depleted. As for Game Time, it automatically bestows users with a Pizza Party and Chug Splashes.

Epic Games introduces new “Super Level Styles” in Fortnite v26.10

In the Battle Pass tab’s Bonus Rewards section, players have had the opportunity to unlock bonus styles for the Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass rewards once they progress beyond Season Level 100. However, with the introduction of v26.10, Chapter 4 Season 4 now includes Super Level Styles as additional bonus rewards.

Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 4 Super Level Style
Image via Epic Games

These Super Level Styles draw inspiration from the wealth of the vampire character, Kado Thorne. Specifically, five Outfits have been enhanced with the Heisted Jade, Lost Amethyst, and Yellow Diamond Super Level Styles, adding a new level of customization and flair to these outfits.

Major bug fixes in Fortnite v26.10 update

Here are some of the bug fixes introduced in the latest update:

  • The Beautiful ‘Bow Emoticon is now back in owners’ Lockers.
  • Spending Bars by rerolling Reality Augments will now progress the Quests for the Caper and Alias Outfits.
  • Swapping weapons while interacting with a Vault Display Case will no longer cause the display case to become impossible to interact with.
  • Survivor Medal progress goals will no longer get stuck at 9/10.
  • On PC, players will no longer stop auto-running when alt-tabbing out of Fortnite.
  • Gyro controls are no longer reversed on Android. 

That was all about the Fortnite v26.10 update.

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