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Fortnite x Revolution Beauty: Leaks suggest a new Fortnite-themed makeup line in the works

Fortnite is now in the field of cosmetics too!

Fortnite has been growing as a brand since the year of its launch. Collaborations have been also increasing with the popularity of the game and now it’s at such a point that whichever franchise decides to collaborate with the famous battle royale, it doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore. But leaks this time around suggest that the alleged collaboration is going to be with neither some popular game nor any popular show or movie but a beauty products brand called Revolution Beauty. While most collaborations are apparent in the game itself, this one is most likely going to happen outside Fortnite Island.

Not the first time Fortnite is collaborating outside the game

The popularity of Fortnite has attracted famous clothing brands such as Ralph Lauren and Balenciaga to launch Fortnite-themed products to attract the huge player base of the game to their stores. Most of the products they launched were quite expensive as they are world-famous luxury brands. But this time around, the collaboration with Revolution Beauty is going to be more affordable than the other real-world collaborations of Fortnite which means more people would be able to be a part of it.

The goal is to launch Fortnite-themed makeup products that will be inspired by in-game elements such as the Loot Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, and Peely as revealed by the popular Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey which would be available for purchase by players to use in real life.

The launch date of Fortnite-themed Revolution Beauty products is still not finalized

The collaboration is not going to affect the schedule of the game which means the companies are not in much of a hurry to complete the production and are taking their time in creating good products.

Fortnite Revolution Beauty collaboration
Image via Epic Games

The official page of Revolution Beauty has added a Fortnite section but there are no details regarding the launch of any other details regarding the products on it. All the fans can do is sign up for the waitlist so that they can be a part of the early access part of the cosmetic products.

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