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Fortnite x Spider-Man collaboration brings Web-Shooters, Miles Morales, and more

Miles is coming to Fortnite!

Fortnite has a long history of collaborations with numerous franchises throughout every season that occurs. The game is known to partner with various Disney properties and those turn out to be quite successful. One such example is the ongoing Find the Force event which is termed as the biggest Star Wars crossover in Fortnite yet. And now, Epic Games has announced the first-ever collaboration in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 and it is none other than Spider-Man himself.

Get swinging again in Battle Royale with Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

Spider-Man’s web shooters will help you reclaim your swing in Battle Royale. The Spider-Verse Web-Shooters are now referred to as such because they now match Miles Morales’ costume! Get them from the ground or ask Spider-Gwen to exchange Bars for them.

Fortnite Spider-Man collaboration
Image via Epic Games

Speaking of Miles Morales, the Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit is available now in the Item Shop. And Miles isn’t alone — the Spider-Man 2099 Outfit is also available in the Shop!

How to get the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters in Fortnite

Finding Spider-Verse Web-Shooters in Fortnite’s most recent update isn’t that difficult; you can find them dispersed across the map on the ground. When you land on the island, look all around you carefully for a Web-Shooter.

Of course, you could have to search for a while; you might even get lucky and encounter a Web-Shooter early on in the battle. A web shooter can also be obtained by exchanging gold bars for them; to do this, speak with Spider-Gwen in Slappy Shores.

The Week 11 Battle Royale Quests will benefit from the Spider-Verse Web Shooters. One of these quests awards the Silk and Cologne (EI8HT version) Lobby Track, while most of them award XP. A piece of music from the upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie may be heard on this Lobby Track!

Two new friendly neighborhood Spider-Men along with matching accessories are now available in Item Shop

There are now two brand-new neighborhood Spider-Men in the Item Shop, each with coordinating accessories:

1. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Fortnite Spider-Man
Image via Epic Games

The Spider-Man (Miles Morales) outfit features the Spider-Verse Portal Back Bling and the disguised Earth 1610 alternate style. Perform a pork chop with the Spider-Mallet Ham’s Pickaxe, which is also available in the Store. Have a hammer and a whammer: The Put ‘er There Emote is pre-built into Spider-Mallet Ham’s Pickaxe.

2. Spider-Man 2099

Fortnite Spider-Man collaboration
Image via Epic Games

The brand-new 2099 Web Cape Back Bling is a part of the Spider-Man 2099 Costume. (See this back bling dematerialize when you go DBNO; it is reactive!) The dual-wield 928 Axes Pickaxe is also available in the Store if you want to slice and dice.

Finally, The Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit (+ Spider-Verse Portal Back Bling), Spider-Ham’s Mallet Pickaxe (+ Put ‘er There Emote), Spider-Man 2099 Outfit (+ 2099 Web Cape Back Bling), and 928 Axes Pickaxe can be purchased individually or via the Across the Spider-Verse Bundle, which additionally includes the MEGA City Swing Loading Screen.

What are your thoughts about the Fortnite and Spider-Man collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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