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Fortnite x Star Wars rumors suggest the arrival of new skins in the game

The Star Wars saga in Fortnite is far from over!

Epic Games never shies away from collaborating with various franchises with their famous battle royale game. Fortnite is popular among everyone to provide various new cosmetics, skins, weapons, and themes with whatever collaboration is going on at that time. Recently with the v24.20 update, we saw the Attack on Titan event which brought skins of famous characters like Mikasa, Eren Jaeger, and Captain Levi along with a lot of other things. This time round leaks of yet another Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration with new skins and what more to expect from it in the future.

Leaks suggest new skins from the Star Wars universe to be introduced

Fortnite has collaborated with Star Wars a lot of times in the past and still is far from running out of content. This franchise has huge diversity and depth in characters and backstories. Characters like Darth Vader and Bona Fett along with weapons such as lightsabers and blaster rifles are also a part of the game’s inventory.

But as the Star Wars universe keeps expanding, new skins and weapons will keep on releasing too. This year shows such as Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and The Mandalorian Season 3 are scheduled to release. Trusted dataminer ShiinaBR has announced that two new skins codenamed CirrusVine and PlotTwist are coming to the game by May 2023.

It is not yet confirmed which exact characters’ skins are going to be based upon

Fortnite Star Wars leaks
Image via Epic Games

Speculations suggest that the two new characters might be Cal Kestis or Moff Gideon. They are from the shows Star Wars: Jedi or the Ahsoka series respectively. These shows are going to release by August 2023. The release of these skins will help the fanbase get more hype for the shows a great deal. It will also make them download and play Fortnite which makes this alleged collaboration very profitable for both parties involved.

What are your thoughts on the possible leaks that new Fortnite x Star Wars skins are coming to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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