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Free Fire exchange store event brings exciting new in-game rewards for free

Get amazing rewards for free!

With the addition of top prizes, events, optimizations, features, and more, the OB35 is finally available in Free Fire. Players globally are very excited to experience the newly made changes, in-game modes, and more. Following the update, a new exciting exchange store event has been included in Free Fire today where players can obtain desired rewards like emote, diamond royale voucher, and more for free. However, in order to obtain the items, they must complete milestone missions while engaging in in-game modes and gathering tokens.

Complete missions and get free in-game rewards from the event

Free Fire exchange store rewards
Image via Garena

The exchange store event was officially introduced in Free Fire on 22nd July and will stay till 2nd August 2022. Gamers of Free Fire have enough time to play to complete the missions and get the free rewards. There are two ways provided in the game to collect the tokens. It will be beneficial for players if they follow the second option as it will help them to gather more tokens in a short amount of time. Here we have mentioned the ways below:

  • 1st way: Play BR and CS match to get 2 tokens every time. Play lone wolf matches to get 1 token every single time.
  • 2nd Way: Complete Daily missions and get up to 2 tokens per day. Unlock Milestone and get up to 8 tokens.
Free Fire exchange store rewards
Image via Garena

Here are the rewards with their required tokens:

  • Exchange 60 tokens to get the Great Conductor Emote.
  • Exchange 25 tokens to get the DPet skin- Digital Tig.
  • Exchange 15 tokens to get the Digital Play Banner skin.
  • Exchange 15 tokens to get the Digital Play Avatar skin.
  • Exchange 15 tokens to get the Time LImited Diamond Royale Voucher.
  • Exchange 15 tokens to get the Time LImited Weapon Royale Voucher.
  • Exchange 10 tokens to get the Digital Core.
  • Exchange 5 tokens to get Pet good.
  • Exchange 5 tokens to get Armor Crate.
  • Exchange 5 tokens to get Supply Crate.

Players must upgrade the game now to experience new enhanced playability with new features, modes, and more. Additionally, be excited about the game’s fifth-anniversary celebration, and don’t miss the Justin Bieber collaboration.

Are you excited about the Free Fire exchange store event? Let us know in the comments below!

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