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Free Fire Co-Founder Gang Ye emerged as a Billionaire

Gang Ye, the co-founder of Sea Ltd, is a 39-year-old citizen of Singapore who happens to be the latest addition into Singapore’s billionaire club as reported by The Star. The thing that stands out is the fact that he’s emerged as a billionaire from the realms of the mobile gaming industry. He helped push the mobile-based battle royale pioneer Free Fire into the ranks of the ultra-wealthy this week.

Sea Ltd. is the publisher of Free Fire. The game ranks among the five most downloaded games on the Apple Store and Google Play store for three straight quarters this year. And is has amassed $1 billion in revenue since its launch in 2017. 

More about Gang Ye – the Free Fire Billionaire

Gang Ye moved to Singapore from China in the 1990s as a teenager and became a citizen shortly after his return from the U.S. He has served as Sea’s chief operating officer since 2017. The executive holds an 8.4% stake in the company and is worth $1 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires. He also happens to be a former government employee.

The 39-year-old joins fellow co-founder Forrest Li, whose larger stake in the fast-growing games-to-shopping company earned him a ten-digit fortune earlier this year, in the billionaire club.

In case you didn’t know much about Free Fire, it’s a survival battle royale game. It supports multiplayer as well as several othert modes of play. It’s unique system lies in its character abilities. Around fifty players equip characters to jump into an island to emerge as the last man standing. And all of the characters possess a unique set of skills. Currently, available on Android, iOS and BlueStacks. The game was developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. It was released on December 4, 2017

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