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Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass: Which rewards can you get

The Ultrasonic Rave has released!

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass has now been released and will stay throughout the month of November. The Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass has been named Ultrasonic Rave. This pass revolves around the journey of two Hip-Hop artists who have vouched to bring a change in this world. Frequently, it is noticed that Free Fire really loves to add an element of music to its events and Elite Passes. Earlier, there was one other Elite Pass named T.R.A.P Revolution that was based on the Trap Music genre. It turned out to be quite popular Elite Pass. Hopefully, this Elite Pass lives upto the expectations as well. Here’s all about the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 30.

What is in store for players in Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass?

Here are the major rewards going out at the various stages in this Free Fire Elite Pass along with the free significant goodies for Free Pass/ Non-Elite Pass holding players.

0 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

Free Pass players get 50 gold while the Elite Pas players get a quirky Hip-Hop Sleeveless Tank Top. The Tank Top isn’t the best outfit but it’s definitely the best you can get right at 0 Badges.

10 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

Free Pass players have the veteran challenges unlocked at this mark while the Elite Pass players also receive a Baseball Bat skin called the Ultrasonic Swing. This bat skin looks very vibrant but unfortunately, it’s not a legendary skin with animations.

15 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

There’s just one reward upon hitting this mark and it’s exclusively for the Elite Pass players – it’s a Monster Truck skin! The shades of purple blend with neons which give it a fresh look and the punk-themed designs all over the skin, including the rims, just make it look even better.

50 Badges

50 badges free fire

Elite Pass players get the Female Bundle, one of the main highlights of this entire Elite Pass while the Free Pass players get a Diamond Royale voucher only. The female bundle is called Stage Starlet and it stands out among the rest with its designs and creativity with the black and white combo.

70 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

Elite Pass players get the new Evo Gun Token Box which is being introduced for the first time through this Elite Pass. That crate randomly gives out from 1x to 5x Dragon Badges. These badges are essential to upgrade the Blue Draco AK-47 legendary skin.

These badges are pretty hard to get for free and they are required in a lot of numbers to upgrade that Blue Draco skin. Free Pass players get a 100 diamonds off discount voucher, only, after crossing 70 badges.

80 Badges

80 badges

Free Pass players get a single packet of Pet Food. Elite Pass players on the other hand receive a Treatment Gun skin. Treatment Gun skins are pretty rare. The only other skin of this gun came out as a pre-order reward during the Rampage 2.0 Elite Pass.

100 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

Free Pass players get a scanner while an awesome surfboard awaits the Elite Pass players. The surfboard has a unique design and cool animations. It does manage to give off the Fresh Punk vibes.

125 Badges

125 badges free fire

Elite Pass players get a brand new grenade skin called Mic Drop. The skin resembles a Mic Speaker blub. The explosion animations look pretty strong and matches properly with the overall theme of this Elite Pass.

Sadly, Free Pass players don’t get anything here but they do get a Gold Royale voucher up next at 130 badges.

150 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

A fascinating loot box crate skin is up for the grabs for Elite Pass players. The loot box along with the animations looks pretty slick. This loot box has been designed with more details to it to make it appear rather unique in terms of shape.

180 Badges

180 badges free fire

Free Pass players get 3x bonfires while the Elite Pass players also get an Evolution Stone. It’s one of the best items that’s regularly featured in the Elite Pass rewards. That stone is used to exchange for Incubator Items. Usually, you would’ve to spin to even get an Evolution Stone.

200 Badges

Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass

Major Rewards for both the passes in here, at this mark. Both passes get Backpacks. Of course, the Elite Pass backpack looks superior to the Free Pass Backpack in almost every aspect, be it the design, the animations, bag level skins, etc. The EP Backpack is called ‘Victory Tune’ and it looks like some Bass Speakers.

225 Badges

225 badges

Free Pass players get a Character Fragment Shard while the Elite Pass players also get the much anticipated Male Bundle known as the ‘Stage Master’ bundle.

Considering it’s a Hip-Hop themed outfit, the regular Black and White combo along with the golden strips around the borders give it a cool look. The neon colors also add to the charm and overall aesthetic appeal of the bundle. The bundle also features certain accessories such as Punk Shades, a gold chain hanging around the neck, and also a proper Hip-Hop cap.

That’s all about Free Fire Season 30 Elite Pass! Feel free to mention your opinions in the comments!

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