Fruit Ninja 2 is released for mobile as a sequel to the original game

The popular fruit slasher sequel comes with a multiplayer mode

Fruit Ninja was one of the pioneering games in the mobile gaming industry, appearing onto the market in April 2010, it took the world by storm and created many, many memories with mobile gamers all around the world. Though it may not be as sophisticated as newer, flashier, and cleaner mobile games, it holds a special spot in many mobile gamer’s hearts due to memories of slashing away at fruits during their childhood. In the year 2020, seven months after Fruit Ninja’s 10th Anniversary, they have finally released the sequel to the original game- Fruit Ninja 2. And thankfully for both iOS and Android users, the sequel to their nostalgia is available on both platforms.

About Fruit Ninja 2

In terms of gameplay, the sequel’s premise does not stray far away from the original game. You the player are still a ninja that hack, slashes and dices fruits in mid-air. But other than the core idea of the game, the game has improved and innovated significantly.

Fruit Ninja 2 New Characters

Originally, Fruit Ninja was a single-player game where you would compete with your high scores on your device with your friends. In Fruit Ninja 2, they have raised this to another level by allowing multiplayer competition in the game, allowing real-time battles between you and your friends to occur. Moreover, a wide variety of upgrades and changes have been added to the game as new blades, boosts, characters for you to play have been added to spice up the gameplay.

Also, in order to increase the diversity and variety of the game, many minigames and a gardening feature have been added so that you will have something to do in the game when you finally get over the addictive hours of fruit slicing.

Fruit Ninja 2 brings an entirely new set of innovations and changes to the table whilst maintaining its original gameplay, allowing both nostalgia and innovation to coexist within the game in a well-balanced manner. Once again, the game is out on both iOS and Android platforms so to go check it out and have a run down the nostalgia lane.

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