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FunPlus introduces Easter-themed updates across its popular titles

Players will receive new content and skins from limited time events!

FunPlus, a major independent mobile game developer and publisher, announced today that several of its growing portfolio of games have received Easter-themed updates and will host various themed events for a limited time. Players who play free-to-play games like State of Survival, King of Avalon, and Call of Antia, will be able to get their hands on egg-hunting-themed goodies in the form of skins, awards, and more.

Participate in Easter-themed in-game events across several titles

1. State of Survival

The ruins begin to shine as a ray of moonlight pierces the night; this is the sign that Easter has arrived in State of Survival. The strategy game will hold the following events beginning April 14th:

  • Easter Emergency: The joyful atmosphere has attracted a large number of Infected, whom players must eradicate in order to protect the Settlement. Players can get Easter Eggs by participating in the ‘Paint The Eggs,’ ‘Luminous Blessings,’ and ‘More is Better’ Events, collecting resources in the Settlement, killing Infected, exploring, or purchasing the Easter Bundle during this event. Players can utilize Easter Eggs to assault the Infected and receive random gifts for each attack, or kill the Easter Egg Monger or the Infected Floppy for a chance to receive all of the Coalition prize pool’s rewards or a permanent Skin.
state of survival
Image via FunPlus

Before the draw time, random chests will be generated at a set time each day, allowing players the chance to win a permanent HQ Skin attacking the Infected. Throughout the event, daily and total rankings will be held, and the top players will be awarded substantial prizes such as the Gacha Bunny (Premium) HQ Skin, Gacha Bunny (Classic) HQ Skin, and more.

  • Hand-painted Easter Eggs: During this event, players can gain Paint by using speedups and biocaps, gathering resources in the Wilderness and Settlement, killing Infected, Exploration, and purchasing the Lucy Easter Egg Bundled, and receiving wonderful gifts in the process.
  • Luminous Blessings: The Easter Eggs have been stolen by the Infected, but the great Chiefs can return them to their rightful position during this event. Collecting the eggs and fulfilling the missions will give players valuable rewards.
  • Bunny Shenanigans: Another way to get Paint and Easter Eggs is to use Speedups and Biocaps, gather resources in the Wilderness, gather resources in the Settlement, kill Infected, or explore.
  • More Is Better: Three types of missions will be available daily throughout the Easter event, and players will be rewarded for completing them.

2. King of Avalon

In Avalon, the Easter holiday has arrived! All knights are invited to participate in the following activities:

king of Avalon
Image via FunPlus
  • Bunny’s Adventure: Until April 16th, players can obtain carrots by completing daily quests that can be used to feed the Easter Bunny in order to obtain event points and win rewards. 
  • Rabbit Rampage: From April 15th to April 20th, players with Stronghold Lv.16 and above have to deal with bunnies driven berserk by evil magic rampaging across the Kingdom. Players need to slay them to restore the peace in Avalon!
  • Community Events: Players that engage with King of Avalon Social Media Accounts can participate in the hunting and painting of Easter Eggs, watch an Easter & King of Avalon-themed filming and an Easter Egg & Dragon video, and more.

3. Call of Antia

Antia celebrates Easter with a series of activities and a Battle Pass themed around the egg-hunting season:

call of antia
Image via FunPlus
  • Easter Egg Battle Pass: From April 14 to May 25, players can complete Battle Pass Missions to get Easter Season-themed rewards and more.
  • Bunny Part: From April 14 to April 21, players can get event materials by clearing any stages that they can redeem for Ascension Materials, Exp Potions, and so on.
  • Season updates: More heroes are coming to protect Antia! 5-Star Felia, 4-Star Robert and 4-Start Clacketa No.2 are available in the Summon Pool, along with a new Rune system and a new Tower of Courage.

Players can get more information about events and updates on the FunPlus webpage or by following the social handles.

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