FunPlus recruits JamCity veteran Jeremy Horn as the new VP and Head of Innovation

Mobile F2p expert will lead the future of the company!

FunPlus, a prominent independent mobile game developer and publisher, announced today that Jeremy Horn, a mobile free-to-play expert, has joined the company as the new VP and Head of Innovation.

Jeremy brings a vision for the future of the mobile and broader entertainment industries and will assist FunPlus in exploring new market and platform opportunities in support of the company’s vision of becoming one of the leading interactive entertainment companies in the world, thanks to his extensive industry experience.

Jeremy Horn joins FunPlus as the VP Head of Innovation with 12 years of games industry experience

Previously Vice President of Business Strategy at Jam City, Jeremy Horn was in charge of the company’s forward-thinking mobile business strategy, as well as its overarching content strategy and development processes.

Jeremy has over 12 years of experience in the gaming industry, having worked as the General Manager of TinyCo and a Producer at Gameloft and Ubisoft, delivering top-grossing mobile titles such as Harry Potter, Marvel’s Avengers, Family Guy and other blockbuster franchises.

“Jeremy’s knowledge and experience will undoubtedly drive the future of FunPlus and the mobile gaming industry. There’s huge potential and paths to explore in emerging new markets, increasingly expansive platforms and destinations for play. We’re delighted to continue shaping that future with Jeremy’s expertise.”

Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer in FunPlus

FunPlus is an independent game developer and publisher headquartered in Switzerland fostering the best creative and diverse talent in the world. The company has developed and published games that have ranked in the number one spot in nearly 70 countries.

Now with the expertise of Jeremy Horn on their side, they will expand their reach and venture into new platforms and destinations for mobile gaming. More information about FunPlus can be found on their official website.

What are your thoughts as FunPlus appoints Jeremy Horn as the new VP and Head of Innovation? Let us know in the comments below.

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F2P expert??? Why have the games got increasingly expensive with a huge drive to push out not only f2p but also low-mid spenders since the beginning of this year then? Obviously not very good at his job.

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