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Garena announces two Free Fire online events – Streamer Kombat 5.0 and BOOYAH Cup 2020

Exciting rewards on offer including the viewers

In the true spirit of Diwali, Free Fire developers Garena will look to bring their fans together this season through two exciting new online Free Fire events. The team confirmed the news as they also announced that these events will be on BOOYAH!, which is Free Fire’s all-in-one platform for publishing/streaming gaming videos. The two Free Fire events for this Diwali 2020 are named Streamer Kombat 5.0 and the BOOYAH Cup.

Free Fire online events for 2020 on BOOYAH!

free fire booyah events 2020

Streamer Kombat 5.0

The first event is the Streamer Kombat 5.0, which will go live tomorrow, 18 November, on the Official BOOYAH! channel from 3 PM IST to 5:30 PM IST.   
The format of Streamer Kombat 5.0 will see 24 prominent Free Fire streamers face off against each other in the classic Free Fire Battle Royale game mode. The participants competing in this event include the following 20 BOOYAH! streamers and 4 other streamers from the Free Fire partner program. 

 Arpan Gaming 
Alexbhai Gaming 
OP Girls 
Helping Gamer 
Team Hind Official 
Bshow Magar 
Gamers Zone 
Slumber Queen 
Total Gaming eSports 
Lokesh Gamer 
Scary Gamer 
Bilash Gaming 
Tonde Gamer 
Jonty Gaming 
Ungraduate Gamer 
GW Karan 
National Gamer 
Arrow Gaming 

The tournament will also have 6 back-to-back squad matches. Here, the participants can win Free Fire diamonds from a total prize pool of 25,000 diamonds. The reward distribution is as follows

  • First Place: 12,500 diamonds 
  • Second Place: 7,500 diamonds 
  • Third Place: 5,000 diamonds 
free fire booyah watch and win

The Grand Finals will be cast by Aura Gaming and Total Gaming, with the latter being the Free Fire’s largest live streamer in India, currently standing with a whopping 15.6 million YouTube subscribers. Viewers who tune in to the BOOYAH! India Official channel also can win exciting Free Fire item drops as rewards. These include 10,000 diamonds, 150 Scorching Sands Weapon Loot Crates (at the 15,000-viewer milestone), and 20 character drops of K (at the 25,000-viewer milestone). 

Free Fire BOOYAH Cup 2020

The Free Fire BOOYAH! Cup is the first-ever esports invitational tournament for BOOYAH!. It will take place from 23 to 26 November 2020. The event brings together the best teams in India, including the Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) finalists Total Gaming eSports, CRX-Elite, and many more. The tournament format will consist of two qualifier rounds and one set of play-ins. Of the 24 total teams participating, the top 12 teams post qualifiers will compete for a grand prize pool of INR 1,00,000.  

  • First Place: INR 60,000 
  • Second Place: INR 30,000 
  • Third Place: INR 10,000 

The tournament will also be cast by renowned streamers like Gaming Aura, MambaSR, and Evil. Viewers who tune into the BOOYAH! India official channel can win exciting Free Fire item drops such as 30,000 diamonds and 500 Gun Crates.  

Where to watch?

Free Fire and Esports fans from across the country are invited to tune in to the Free Fire India Official channel on BOOYAHlive to catch the live-action. As mentioned above, watch to get a chance to win exciting Free Fire item drops!

Are you excited about these new Free Fire BOOYAH events? Drop-in your opinions in the comment section below!

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