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Genshin Impact: A monthly Resin pass is rumoured to release in the future

Resin pass has briefly appeared on the Chinese PlayStation Store!

With many new things coming to Genshin Impact, players are always on the lookout for the next new thing in the game. Earlier in January, leaks popped up on the Genshin Impact subreddit detailing a monthly Resin Pass. This brings the total number of subscriptions in the game to 3, we have the Battle Pass, Blessing of the Welkin Moon, and now the Resin Pass. Let’s get into the details we have on what benefits this monthly Resin pass will give to the Genshin Impact players.

What will the Resin pass give?

From what we can see online, the resin pass will give players an initial 60 Resin once purchased. This is much like the initial 300 genesis crystals you get from the Welkin Moon. After the initial resin, players are granted 40 additional resin every day. There are supposedly two subscriptions, a weekly and a monthly one.

genshin impact monthly resin pass
You can spend 50 Primogems to replenish 60 Original Resin

How many times can the Resin Pass be purchased?

The pass can be purchased multiple times. The extra days will roll over up to a total of 180 days. If the player has more than 1940 resin, the game won’t allow them to purchase the Resin Pass. Though, most players will find it nearly impossible to amass so much resin. This would require them to consume copious amounts of fragile resin.

Resin Pass on the Store!

Resin Pass on the Playstation Store in China

Aside from the leaks on Reddit, users in China were able to see the Resin Pass on the Playstation Store. After those images began to leak onto the internet, miHoyo quickly acted to remove the pass from PSN. Since then, there’s been no sign of it popping up on Western digital storefronts just yet. This really removes any doubt of the pass’s existence or any thought that the pictures may be fabricated. Possibly, the developers are just tweaking the resin rates or just hammering out any bugs present before releasing it to the public. There is no date as to the release of the pass. But since it was so recently up on the PSN, we can assume it’s arriving soon, probably with the Version 1.3 Update.

Perks of Genshin Impact Resin Pass

The resin in Genshin Impact is essentially like stamina, which you would encounter in other mobile games. It is used to farm gear, money, and EXP for your characters. Resin claims the game’s best rewards from bosses and dungeons. It recharges at a snail’s pace and most players instantly exhaust all of their farming in 1 or 2 dungeons. This leaves them to do nothing for the rest of the day.

genshin impact monthly resin pass

Mihoyo had initially tried to help players by giving them the generous option of spending money to refill their stamina. In an update, they also had increased the resin cap from 120 to 160, which allows them to farm one more dungeon. The issue with the resin increase though is that since, they didn’t increase the rate at which resin refills, players still had to wait all day to maximize their resin use. More members in the community have voiced complaints against the resin issue. The Daily Resin Pass is reported to cost around $5 a month. It’s nice to see a change to help this, but, unfortunately, it’s just another option of creating a problem and selling the solution.

Are you excited for the monthly Resin Pass in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below.

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