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Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update: New Characters, Weapons, Areas, Bosses and Upcoming Events

The version where the Hydro Archon descends!

In the Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update, HoYoverse, the company behind the game, has introduced the new 5-star character Furina, a 4-star character Charlotte, and a 5-star weapon, the Splendor of Tranquil Waters. This update also brings new areas, bosses, and exciting forthcoming events for you to explore and enjoy.

Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update: New Characters


  • Vision: Hydro
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Normal Attack: Sololist’s Solicitation
  • Elemental Skill: Salon Solitaire
  • Elemental Burst: Let the People Rejoice
Genshin Impact Furina Pre-Farm Guide
Image via HoYoverse

Furina, a formidable 5-star Hydro Sword DPS character, made her debut in Genshin Impact with the release of patch 4.2. Serving as the current Hydro Archon, she embodies the God of Justice, Focalors, and watches over the realm of Fontaine.


  • Vision: Cryo
  • Weapon: Catalyst
  • Normal Attack: Cool-Color Capture
  • Elemental Skill: Framing: Freezing Point Composition
  • Elemental Burst: Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation
Genshin Impact Charlotte Pre-Farm Guid
Image via HoYoverse

Charlotte, a spirited 4-star Cryo Catalyst character, made her entrance in Genshin Impact’s patch 4.2 update. She takes on the role of an unwavering reporter for the Steambird, diligently pursuing the truth in her investigative pursuits.

Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update: New weapons

These weapons will make their debut alongside the 4.2 updates:

Splendor of Tranquil Waters (Sword)

The Splendor of Tranquil Waters is the signature weapon designed for Furina. This limited weapon can be acquired through the Weapon Event Wish Banner when it becomes available, providing a unique and powerful option for those who wish to enhance Furina’s abilities in Genshin Impact.

Furina Weapon
Image via HoYoverse
  • Base Stat: ATK: 542
  • Sub-Stat: CRIT DMG: 88.2%

Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update: New Areas and Bosses

Erinnyes Forest

Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2
Image via HoYoverse

The Erinnyes Forest is situated to the east of the Fountain of Lucine, nestled in the depths of Erinnyes, a location cautioned against by Iudex Neuvillette himself. This is also the central setting for the quest chain, “The Wild Fairy of Erinnyes,” providing players with an engaging storyline within Genshin Impact.

Morte Region

Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2
Image via HoYoverse

The Morte Region lies to the east of Poisson, with glimpses of it visible from the West Slopes of Mont Automnequi and the Sealed Ruined Tower. This region will be fully accessible once Version 4.2 is released in Genshin Impact, offering adventurers a new area to explore and uncover.

Hydro Tulpa (Boss)

This new World Boss can be located beneath the water’s surface in the Chemin de L’Espoir region to the north of Elynas. To confront the Hydro Tulpa, you must dive underwater and make your way to the designated location marked on the map.

Hydro Tulpa
Image via HoYoverse

This formidable foe takes the form of a humanoid monster created from the amalgamation of water droplets, capable of unleashing a diverse range of attacks.

All-Devouring Narwhal (Weekly Boss)

The All-Devouring Narwhal, a massive whale-like boss composed of water, is scheduled to make its debut as a weekly boss in Genshin Impact’s 4.2 update. This colossal aquatic creature awakens from its slumber and descends upon the nation of Fontaine.

All-Devouring Narwhal
Image via HoYoverse

Similar to previous weekly bosses, players may need to complete a specific quest to unlock and locate the All-Devouring Narwhal. With Fontaine receiving another area expansion in 4.2, it’s likely that this new boss, the All-Devouring Narwhal, will be found within the expanded region.

Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update: Upcoming Events

Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures

  • Event Duration: 2023/11/23 10:00 – 2023/12/11 03:59
  • In the Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures event, you will accompany the Traveler and Paimon in assisting Freminet with enhancing his clockwork penguin across three gameplay stages: Basic Circuit Structure, Record of the Search, and Swirling Vortex’s Paean.

Lil Fungi’s Fan-tastic Fiesta

  • Event Duration: TBA
  • Haniyyah is back with another exciting Fungi event in Fontaine! This top-down mini-game offers a fresh twist, requiring you to deploy your Fungi creatures on a tactical battlefield to take on a variety of enemies, including Slimes. It’s a fun and challenging event that adds a new level of strategy to the game.

Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log

  • Event Duration: 2023/11/17 10:00 – 2023/11/27 03:59
  • This daily location event involves taking pictures of sample types based on provided clues, and you can easily exchange sample types with friends to aid in completing the challenges. Upon completing the event quest, you’ll receive the Zoom Lens for the Kamera gadget, allowing you to zoom in and out while taking photographs. Even if you don’t finish the event quest, the Zoom Lens remains available even after the event concludes, ensuring that you can continue to use this handy feature.

Misty Dungeon: Realm of Water

  • Event Duration: 2023/11/09 10:00 – 2023/11/20 03:59
  • Misty Dungeon is a typical combat event where you will face successive waves of enemies. However, each challenge comes with a different Ley Line buff, incentivizing you to vary your party compositions and strategies. Additionally, trial characters are accessible, allowing you to experiment with different characters and their abilities in this event.

That’s all for the Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 update!

What are your thoughts on the Genshin Impact Fontaine 4.2 Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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