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Genshin Impact has offered around 3.5 days of voiced content

Attention to detail by HoYoverse is mind-boggling!

Genshin Impact amazes us yet again with how much detail and effort Hoyoverse has put into the game. Redditor with the user name displacedindavis lays down how much total voiced content have Hoyoverse put out in the game as of the moment, and the numbers are mind-blowing.

Redditor calculates the amount of voiced content in Genshin Impact

Each character, NPC, and even wild enemy, in Genshin Impact, have their own sets of voiced content. This ranges from the most famous voice of paimon which most fans of the game are sure to easily recognize, up to the “gibberish” that players hear when attacking those pesky hillichurls that are actually just minding their own businesses in their respective tribes.

We usually take for granted these sounds as just normal occurrences that just happen in the background of the game. However, we should at least take some time to appreciate the details and effort that has been put into the game by Hoyoverse, because it is actually not very easy to put together perfect voice lines, and even musical scoring that fits very well into the game.

In the calculations posted by displacedindavis we can clearly see just how much Hoyoverse put into the voice acting in the game, Especially considering that the game runs in four different languages with different voice actors. The total time of voice dialogue has been calculated by another Redditor named SomebodyUnown saying, “As of now, its been 10 hours without a response so I went ahead and did it myself. As per my calculation, it’s closer to four days of time. 😀 (3 days, 19 hours, 22 minutes, or 3.81 days to be specific)”.

Final Thoughts

It is really mind-boggling how much detail and effort HoyoVerse is putting into Genshin Impact into making it so much more enjoyable for the fans and the players of the game. It is truly a testament to how good the quality of the game become ever since its release.

Genshin Impact Kokomi voice actor harassed, Genshin Impact voice actor
Images via Genshin Impact Wiki

As fans all we can do now is wait and hope as the future content planned by HoyoVerse gets released in the future and how we can actually also enjoy just how much fans enjoy the two years’ worth of content that Genshin Impact has released thus far.

What are your thoughts about the amount of voiced content in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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