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Genshin Impact player shares unique photos taken after an in-game glitch in Sumeru

A rather interesting glitch!

The world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact is huge and ever-expanding. Players are incentivized to explore the entire continent in as much detail as possible. Players have been exploiting glitches since the launch of the game to make exploration as fun as possible. There are glitches that make characters travel half the map in mere seconds. Recently, a Genshin Impact player discovered a glitch in Sumeru that lets players go out of bounds with their entire 4 person co-op party. 

The Genshin Impact community shared their views on the Sumeru map glitch

Reddit user BartWalmart posted a picture of his co-op part standing on a branch overlooking an empty space that may or may not be the abyss. The party comprised Tartaglia, Scaramouche, Sucrose, and Collei. Players joked that the OP (original poster) must really trust Tartaglia since he is standing behind all of them, implying he would suddenly push them. 

Some players pointed out that even if Tartaglia pushed them, Scaramouche could fly, Collei is the ‘Gliding Champion of Sumeru’ and Sucrose could probably use her Anemo powers to catch herself. The OP did not reveal the location where this glitch could be performed, but several commenters claimed that glitches of this kind can be performed in many places all around Sumeru if the player used a bad phone/PC as Poor graphics makes it easier.

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Image via HoYoverse

There are many places in Sumeru where players can clip through mountains and enter areas that were not intended to be entered. Genshin Impact may contain several glitches that get patched over time. This glitch will also probably be patched soon, so if players want to try it out, they should do it as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts about the glitch in the Sumeru map in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below!

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