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Genshin Impact Sumeru Update: New teaser shows the interaction of the Dendro element with other elements and surroundings

Hoyoverse dropped a teaser about how the Dendro Element would interact with other elements and surroundings!

Since the release of Genshin Impact, it was stated that there are 7 elements in the world of Teyvat. The characters of all elements were released from the beginning except Dendro and no dendro character has been released in the game to date. Now, finally, the Sumeru region is expected to be released after the 2.8 version. The new Sumeru update teaser in Genshin Impact shows the interaction of Dendro with other elements. So, finally, players would be able to play dendro characters.

Sumer Update teaser shows dendro elements’ interaction with other elements in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Dendro Elemental Leaks
Image via miHoYo

Till now the only dendro interaction that players experienced was Burn, which is when dendro interacts with pyro. Bloom and Catalyse’s reaction was shown in the Teaser. Bloom reaction occurs when dendro reacts with hydro and catalyse occurs when dendro reacts with electro. And as of now, dendro has no special reaction when interacting with cryo, anemo, and geo. 

Special surrounding interaction or polymorphic transformations

In the Sumeru region, players would be interacting with the dendro element a lot. Much of these interactions would be based on plant-based structures and they would have dendro characteristics. These structures have different reactions to different elements, for example, they get burned when they are in contact with pyro. The interactions are called polymorphic transformations.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Update Dendro elements
Image via HoYoverse

When these structures interact with different elements they transition into different states. This is a completely new concept introduced by Genshin Impact developers and seems to be very fascinating.

Concept of Bloom and Catalyse in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sumeru Update Dendro elements
Image via HoYoverse

Dendro’s reaction to different elements was a tough question for the developers. As in the case of other elements, we can see in our real lives, how the differents interact, like pyro and cryo react to give melt, hydro and cryo combine to freeze.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Update
Image via HoYoverse

So, considering dendro is based on flowers and water(hydro) facilitates the blooming of flowers. Hence, the hydro and dendro reaction is called bloom, and based on recovery, a blooming fruit-like structure appears. It is still not clear how it functions and nothing is clear about the catalyze reaction as well.

The Genshin Impact Sumeru update teaser also reveals the new World Boss and Monsters

Genshin Impact Sumeru Update
Image via HoYoverse

In this region, players would also be getting some more enemies to fight. 2 New monsters are shown in the teaser. One of them is a Regisvine and another one is a Dendro Specter. More new monsters are expected to be released in the region.

The teaser of the Sumeru gave players a glimpse of what to expect. Every time a new region is released players gets to experience a lot of new mechanisms and puzzles. Also, a lot of the players who leave the game due to lack of content, come back when a new region is released.

What are your thoughts about Genshin Impact Sumeru update showing Dendro elements’ interaction with other elements? Let us know in the comments below!

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