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Genshin Impact Version 3.3 update to introduce a new Genius Invokation TCG mode

HoYoverse surprises everyone with a new permanent TCG mode!

With the upcoming Version 3.3 update of Genshin Impact, HoYoverse has confirmed that a new game mode Genius Invokation TCG will be available. It will be a new simple and casual mode based on PvE where players will acquire cards playing normally, not including PvP. PvP will not include rewards and is primarily done for fun. A trailer also confirms that cards are obtainable through the game, so players do not purchase them for real money.

Genius Invokation TCG features cards with the beautiful art of Genshin Impact characters

The idea is to keep this new mode as casual as possible, avoiding being the target of a competitive scenario. This new game mode will feature cards with very beautiful art from the characters we know and even from some NPCs and some monsters too. We already have a certain idea of how the card mechanics will work and a little more of its gameplay, the cards will have a kind of HP on their left and Charge crystals on their right.

Some features

  • There are character card zones
  • HP exists (it’s in the upper left corner of the map)
  • The charge exists (it is located on the right side of the map)
  • Elemental stats and explosions also exist
  • Support zone is shown away from character zones
  • Artifact and equipment cards
  • Players draw two cards each round
  • Hands limited to ten cards

There’s another build of test leaks to explore. Here is a small summary:

  • Players play five cards at the start
  • An active character
  • Players roll eight elemental dice (seven regular elements plus one omni-elemental)
  • Some playable characters are enemies
  • There are tasks

Genshin Impact Honey database has leaked a lot of these cards

A compilation of recent leaks from prominent Genshin Impact database Honey has shared details about card art, names, and effects for all of the cards planned. The massive spreadsheet compiles information on the featured Characters, Equip cards, Support cards, and Event cards. Each character card added to the game will have a corresponding Talent card featuring powerful effects that activate when their character is active. Equip cards can come as character-specific Talents, general Weapons providing stats, and Artifacts with special effects.

The database gives more information about Genius Invokation’s Support and Event cards, which feature powerful effects that can turn the tides of a game. Support cards have effects that range from allowing players to draw more cards at the end of their turn to healing a player’s characters. Event cards offer similarly powerful game-changing strategies with the ability to reward deck-building around certain elements or destroy your opponent’s cards. The sheet also features a list of the many keywords used throughout various cards.

Are you excited about the Genius Invokation TCG mode coming with Genshin Impact Version 3.3? Let us know in the comments below!

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