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Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an upcoming action RPG for mobile that blends survival and city-building elements

This is the first ever survival game which can be played among friends

Gladiators: Survival in Rome is an action RPG that is based on survival game mechanics and city-building aspects. The game starts with the player being a fugitive from Caesar’s army and will get to venture deep into the wilderness of Ancient Rome. Colossi Games‘ Gladiators: Survival in Rome pre-registration for Android is now open while there’s no information for iOS release.

Free slaves and explore the mythic secrets of the Roman wilderness

In this game, players will get to free slaves from cruel soldiers, explore mythic secrets in barbarian and uncharted lands and build a city of free, surviving men. Players will have to craft their weapons and armor from what they have gathered, then slay the king’s legions and conquer the Roman Empire in the game.

The developers claim that this game is the first-ever social survival game on mobile. Thousands of other players yearn for glory and recognition in this game of the Roman emperor. Players will have to team up with fellow survivors or fight rivals in the arena if they want to become the greatest Gladiator before the eyes of the citizens of mighty Rome, they need to fight for it.

Image via Colossi Games

Build your own city from the ruins with free Roman citizens

This game comes with a lot of features such as active combat where players will get to experience free movement and hack’n’slash at its finest. The game also has deep crafting where players will have to harvest plants, mine stones, and chop trees all across the game world along with an open world feature so that everyone can explore the kingdoms of the past and find treasures.

Players will also get to plan their homes and build their own cities with farms. Another key feature is that this is the first survival game to be played with friends. Apart from all of this, the game also provides various customization options for players to customize their weapons for different effects. It also comes with hand-crafted 3D models and stunning animations.

Gladiators: Survival in Rome also has original music from renowned composers from world-renowned RPGs along with a historical fantasy journey into Caesar’s times. The game is available for pre-registration on only Android devices as of yet. Interested Android players can do the same from their Google Play stores here.

Are you excited about Gladiators: Survival in Rome pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below?

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John Rumble

Hi guys when is the start date for survival in rome sounds like a great concept and can’t wait to start playing

Tousif Hasan Biswas

We do not have any exact date yet, but definitely update you as we get more information.

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