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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE brings Marciana a new SSR character in its latest update

Level Infinite along with SHIFT UP recently announced an upcoming character Marciana, a new SSR character, who will join Goddess of Victory: NIKKE soon. The new Nikke Marciana will be available for summoning and adding to your roster with the upcoming new story event School of Lock, which is expected to go online on September 21, 2023.

Introducing Marciana, the new SSR Healer

Marciana is a member of Elysion Line’s school circle squad, a group of students from the M.M.R. Vocational School, an educational institution intended to increase Nikke’s performance. This squad comprises students who have succeeded in their studies, and its members are put in real-world combat situations outside of school hours.

We already have Rei from Tetra manufacturer’s school circle squad on our roster, who was provided to us for free as part of the half-year anniversary reward via the Over Zone story event. Marciana’s School Circle teammate is already on board. Marciana, a support class nikke with SSR rarity from Elysion Line manufacturer who uses a Shotgun, will be joining Rei as a playable character shortly. Keep an eye out for updates on Marciana’s burst type and code.

Why should you pull Marciana in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Marciana appears to be a promising Elysion Manufacturer healer based on the limited information we have about her. Because she wields a Shotgun, she could be a valuable asset in Special Interception: Gravedigger as a Shotgun Support. She is said to have a strong HP recovery ability, which might be wonderful news if you need a healer for your team.

Are you excited about the new character Marciana of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE? Let us know in the comments below!

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