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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Golden Ship story event will introduce a new character Mast

Aboard the Ship!

Yet another update is coming to the sci-fi RPG shooter Goddess of Victory: NIKKE which will feature the Golden Ship story event. Scheduled to arrive on the 20th of July, this event unveils fresh story content, login rewards, and an additional playable character, along with an exclusive costume meticulously crafted for Yan.

The new NIKKE Mast, the pirate aspirant Nikke who is part of Aegis, joins the battlefield with this new update.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Golden Ship Event Overview

The Golden Ship story event will follow the Nya Nya Paradise story event. Like last time, a lot more is on offer again, which we will outline below.

New Character: SSR Mast

Mast is a Supporter class NIKKE who wields the Ferocity (SMG) weapon. At the start of a battle, she boosts the critical hit rate not only for herself but also for her allies. As her HP decreases to a specific threshold, she further bolsters the combat prowess of herself and her allies. When Mast activates her Burst Skill, she raises the maximum HP of herself and her allies without affecting her current HP.

SSR Nikke Mast cover
Image via Level Infinite

In the event storyline, Mast happened upon a treasure map that marks the whereabouts of the Golden Ship, left by pirate Captain Alligator. Fueled by curiosity and a thirst for adventure, she embarks on a daring voyage, driven to unearth the lost vessel and the legendary treasures concealed within its legendary hull.

New Gameplay, Challenge Stage, and Burst Day Event

The new gameplay comes with the addition of two new chapters: Chapter 23, titled “A Prison Which No One Can Escape From,” and Chapter 24, named “Banishment for Everyone’s Sake.” To access the newly added Chapter 23 and Chapter 24, players are required to fulfill the entry requirement of completing Chapter 22 in Normal Mode.

A Challenge Stage will be live from July 20, 2023, up to August 3, 2023 (UTC+9). Here, players can challenge difficult boss levels and obtain various development materials. The 7-Day Login Event will be available once the update goes live. If you log in for seven consecutive days, you will receive Recruit Vouchers and development materials.

The Full Burst Day Event is here and will be live from 5:00:00 on July 29, 2023, until 4:59:59 on July 31, 2023 (UTC+9). The event offers a fantastic opportunity for players to earn additional rewards in the Interception and Simulation Room.

Are you excited about the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Golden Ship Event? Let us know in the comments below!

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