Goodgame Studios launches new publishing arm with a newly released mobile game, War Alliance

The company expanding its territories

Goodgame Studios, a leading German developer of online video games for browser and mobile devices, has opened a new in-house publishing arm, establishing the company as an international publisher of mobile games they recently released a PvP royale title War Alliance. Following its expanded distribution of products through strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Huawei this year, the Hamburg-based company will now act as a publisher for War Alliance, a highly competitive, the real-time strategy mobile game developed by Berlin studio Magnific Games.

The new publishing arm of Goodgame is led by experts

Goodgame’s new publishing team is composed of experts with decades of experience in the field of operative management of video games.

The team is led by Nina Müller as Head of Publishing, who previously led the Live Operations Management department at Bigpoint and Goodgame Studios, and is a volunteer for the prototype promotion program for Gamecity Hamburg. Müller will be supported by Caglar Eger, Director of Platform Relations & Partnerships.

I am looking forward to building out an exciting and efficient publishing division within Goodgame Studios, using our successful portfolio, our knowledgeable team and the strength of War Alliance, I believe we have the perfect mix to create new hits within the market.

Nina Müller as Head of Publishing

Goodgame’s new strategic IP

A free-to-play mobile game, War Alliance gives players a sense of rapid real-time arena battles with their opponents from all over the world while controlling a powerful hero on the battlefield. Additional units can be unlocked and put together in a deck of cards to support the hero during the battle. War Alliance is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

War Alliance gameplay
War Alliance gameplay

The new publishing arm of Goodgame aims to spread their roots

Goodgame Studio’s new publishing arm will focus on lifting the skills of potential developers and the composition of long-lasting partnerships with intensive collaborations. Goodgame Studio will leverage its internal experts in the process, spreading out to vast areas in the gaming industry, including product management, business development, performance marketing, and business intelligence to provide excellent support, as well as to boost the scaling of free-to-play games. Interested developers can connect with Goodgame Studios here.

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