Google Play updates its policy to enable blockchain-based digital content within apps and games

More NFT freedom for the devs!

Google Play has announced that it has updated its policy to open ways to conduct blockchain-based digital content within apps and games effective from December 7. In the blog shared by Joseph Mills, the Group Product Manager of Google Play, he shared his thoughts on wanting to help developers bring innovative ideas to life with the July 2023 policy updates. 

The new policy aims to keep in line with the gambling policies involving real money

As Google Play hosts a diverse range of apps related to blockchain technology, they are trying to expand these offerings to develop digital experiences by utilizing tokenized digital assets like NFTs. It is acknowledged in the blog that their partners are enthusiastic about it with supportive statements by prominent names from Mythical Games and Reddit.

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The motivation behind this announced change is Google Play’s desire to foster the growth of creative in-app experiences and support developers in expanding their businesses. Furthermore, this change aligns with Google Play’s stringent policy on Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests, as it discourages developers from offering winning assets with unknown real-world monetary value.

In cases where an app or game facilitates tokenized digital asset sales or earnings, developers must explicitly declare this while registering. As stated, developers are not allowed to promote or glorify potential earnings from playing or trading activities, which will serve as an additional measure to safeguard users from falling into false advertisements.

Policies for blockchain-based experiences on Google Play

For the purposes of this policy, blockchain-based content is defined as tokenized digital assets that are securely stored on a blockchain. App developers whose apps include blockchain-based content are required to adhere to the specified requirements mentioned. There are four talking points in the policy announced, given below.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Software Wallets: The new policy will need to have cryptocurrency transactions, including purchasing, holding, or exchanging, conducted exclusively through certified services operating within regulated jurisdictions.
  • Cryptomining: No scope for apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices.
  • Transparency Requirements for Distributing Tokenized Digital Assets: App developers must declare the sale or allow users of earning Tokenized Digital Assets by completing the Financial Features declaration form available on the App Content page in Play Console.
  • Additional Requirements for NFT Gamification: To stay away from real-money gambling, an application process must be fulfilled to utilize NFTs in games.

The announced policy change will come into effect on December 7, 2023. Until then, there is a period where the developers can preview and comply with the changes. The PolicyBytes video also gives an explanation of the policy.

What are your thoughts on Google Play announcing to update its policy to enable a blockchain-based digital experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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