Gordon Ramsay’s culinary IP, Chef Blast gets its latest update

Rise from amateur chef to Gordon Ramsay veteran and give your virtual kitchen the customisation and makeover it deserves

Outplay Entertainment, a successful game developer in the UK has rolled out the latest update of their culinary mobile puzzle game, Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast. The update will include a new Kitchen Makeover feature, that allows users to customize elements of their kitchen via new tasks and a customization system.

A new set of challenges awaits in Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast new update

The new update adds a whole new feature to Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast, with players inheriting a run-down kitchen at the outset of the game and having to tackle the dirty counters and broken cupboards. On a mission to fix the kitchen to its former glory, players will begin as amateur chefs and be trained by Gordon Ramsay himself in the game. As players complete different levels in the game, they will earn cash which can be used to complete tasks that will replace and upgrade the various elements of their kitchen piece by piece and build the kitchen of their dreams.

Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast update in game tasks
Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast update in-game tasks

Unique kitchen sets and customizations in the game

A total of 13 different kitchen sets will be available for players to unlock in the new update of Chef Blast, with each set featuring unique elements across 17 customization categories, with more kitchens to be added in future updates and special events. Elements that can be updated include kitchen counters, wallpaper, utensils, cabinets, and many more.  

In this incredible new update to my mobile game, Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast, my virtual counterpart helps players explore their creativity to design and customise their very own dream kitchen, while continuing to experience all of the cube matching fun and exclusive real-world recipes they’ve come to enjoy

Gordon Ramsay, Celebrity Chef

Get a taste of culinary greatness

Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast is Outplay Entertainment’s acclaimed title featuring the Culinary Genius himself. Released in January 2021 and nominated for the best casual game at the TIGA Games Awards 2021, players can blast their way through the puzzle game by tapping and matching cubes to win levels and unlock some of Gordon’s most impressive recipes. The game is free and available to download now on iOS and Android.

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