Gravity’s new action title, RAGNAROK 20 HEROES opens for Pre-registrations on both Android and iOS in Korea

Train your heroes and take down the enemy!

RAGNAROK 20 HEROES, the new action title by Gravity Co will be the latest addition to the Ragnarok Series. Gravity recently announced new titles being released for the Ragnarok series and RAGNAROK 20 HEROES is definitely one of them. The game, RAGNAROK 20 HEROES will open its pre-registrations for both Android and iOS in Korea.

RAGNAROK 20 HEROES aims to deliver a classic RPG experience filled with unique characters and stages to clear

RAGNAROK 20 HEROES will offer the classic RPG experience where the game will revolve around stage-based missions and levels for the players to explore and kill the monsters within the area. The game as it has in the title will offer a wide range of Knights, 20 to be specific. Players will be able to form a unit with the heroes available and fight off the enemies while eventually clearing the stage.

Image via Gravity Co.

The game will allow the players to pick and form their own crew out of the 20 Ragnaroks where each Ragnarok will offer something different allowing the players to strategically pick the best ones out of the lot. RAGNAROK 20 HEROES also has the PvP mode where players would be facing each other and would look to assert dominance by defeating other players with their customizable squad of the Ragnarok warriors.

RAGNAROK 20 HEROES also pays attention to the character progressions and offers plenty of dungeons with epic boss battles to ensure that players compete with the best and are able to level up their 20 knights with the experience gathered in the battles of the dungeons. There are different rewards and armor that the players can earn by defeating the guild bosses and thus make their warriors even stronger.

The game has plenty of other game modes on offer as well such as the 1:1, 3:3, the Friendship mode, and other countless dungeons where players can farm for experience and other equipment. There is much on offer, interested players from Korea can pre-register for the game via Google Play and Apple Store.

What are your thoughts on RAGNAROK 20 HEROES having Pre-registrations in Korea? Let us know in the comments below!

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